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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: So, we all make bad buys, some are real big, and we know them in our accounts, so for interest sake, what would you consider to be the 5 worst buys that have been made in the growth portfolio in the last 3 years.
Thanks again
Read Answer Asked by eugene on April 21, 2023
Q: 1. Anaergia has sunk to a point where failure has to be considered; yet I would have thought that unlikely?
2. If you ignore the 2020 blip in their share price NWH is now discounting five years of growth. Two questions; why, and is this a sector phenomena – as in health care or if appropriate real estate more generally, or is it an individual problem applying to solely to NWH?
Read Answer Asked by Mike on April 05, 2023
Q: 5i
I was surprised by the sale of the Tonder Denmark plant. I could not find any mention of a potential sale in any of the previous quarterly reports or news releases. Could you speculate on the reason for the sale. I can only think that they either need cash, company had $141 million last quarter, or they don't think this will be worthwhile endeavour. Can you elaborate if possible? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Kenneth on February 27, 2023
Q: Just to clarify, 5i is selling all of ANRG and PRMW and LSPD from the portfolios.

ANRG and LSPD are at all time lows. So you're selling at the lows.

Prmw is bullish and moving higher and is near its high and you're selling that as well.

What happened to run with the winners and sell the losers (not at their low)?

Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on November 22, 2022