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Q: I hold the above stocks in my portfolio. Thinking of adding QSR. Your thoughts. Or should I keep my cash for better opportunities during tax loss period ? BEW and PNG are my play money. Playing PNG with house money.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on September 12, 2019

Q: With the world feeling a little uneasy about a pending recession, I want to keep only holdings that will weather a downturn. I'm not trying to time the market, and want to hold stocks, that while they may dip, have good balance sheets, good management, and will likely see a recovery. Others I will sell and hold the cash. Above are my current holdings. Do you see any that may be susceptible to excessive weakness in a recession and would therefore meet my sell criterion? Thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Kim on August 27, 2019

Q: In reference to my last question you made a couple of suggestions. I parted ways with CHR and NFI. You also suggested that I lacked diversification in some areas. I have accumulated cash since my last question to be deployed at an appropriate time. I have listed again the stocks in which I am currently invested in. Percentage allocation in each was listed in my last question. I have wonder if you maintain an investment profile of your clients. Doing so would enable you to provide more appropriate advice and/or suggestions. It would negate the need for clients to keep repeating investment objectives. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Roy on August 09, 2019
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