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Q: My only consumer discretionary security is Aritzia (thank you) so I have been looking at VCR and XLY etfs. The top 10 holdings of XLY is 70% of the fund and top 10 holdings 56% of VCR. Do you have a preference? I don't have a problem with the large percentage of AMZN in either.

Read Answer Asked by J on February 23, 2022

Q: When I look at the long term chart for this ETF it seems since the pandemic began (and after that initial drop) that the the share price has been on a steeper upwards trajectory than it ever was historically? It also looks as if the volume has been a bit higher than before. Is there a simple explanation that is obvious to everyone but me? Is it a few of the top 10 underlying securities that are driving the whole behaviour, or has owning the ETF become that much more attractive in the face of single company risk since the pandemic began? I always appreciate your insight, thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen R. on December 02, 2021

Q: I have about $100K to invest in the US stock market to bring my portfolio closer to my intended US weighting, and I am looking for some US stock/ETF ideas.

My portfolio is already 25% Technology, and 16.5% Financials. So I don't need suggestions from those sectors. I was considering more VFV, but that has 25% Technology in it already, so maybe an ETF to complement that.

Can you suggest some US stocks that are not in the Technology or Financial sector that you would consider for a US style model portfolio. And also some ETFs holding US stocks that are light in Technology and Financials.


Read Answer Asked by Paul on October 26, 2021
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