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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: If the scenario plays out of higher interest rates for longer; is it logical to presume Reits, and Preferreds, -both sensitive to interest rates, may continue to soften. I have been buying them as they are going down but wondering if this is a good strategy. Could you comment. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Pat on June 20, 2023
Q: Could you pls provide ETFs for dividend and capital growth over the next 12 months for each of:
Communications Services, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financial, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Real Estate, and Utilities?
Read Answer Asked by Ron on June 19, 2023
Q: Is VNQ a good investment in a stagflation environment, or does its current issue of office and retail REIT exposure going to counteract that situation ?

Are rising interest rates the only other reason for its underperformance recently?

Is it possible to come up with a metric that compares how expensive / inexpensive it is today as an investment relative to it's past ?


Read Answer Asked by James on May 23, 2023
Q: Apparently, there are 11 major sectors in the S&P (Global Industry Classification Standard). Could you please list one ETF to best represent EACH major sector of the S&P? For example, would IUIT best represent the entire Info Tech sector of the S&P? It seems the SPDR funds are much more specific than the 11 GICS sectors:
Information Technology
Health Care
Consumer Discretionary
Communication Services
Consumer Staples
Real Estate

Thank you very much.
Read Answer Asked by Toge on January 19, 2023
Q: According to a G&M article on treat of stagflation, XSB is not a good choice of invest re 40-60 portfolio.
Assuming you agree with this article what would be your top 3 or 4 investment to replace XSB ?
Read Answer Asked by Roy on March 21, 2022
Q: Hi group need more exposure to real estate and health care - could you recommend a few in each sector also a few ETF would be helpful. I have some ready cash to deploy but am a bit queasy about investing into todays market feels oversold? also India , South America are struggling with COVID what's you thoughts (leaning towards waiting until Virus is better controlled. Wait or jump in Appreciate your thoughts
Read Answer Asked by Terence on April 28, 2021
Q: Hi,

Thinking of dropping a 5% stake in a REIT`S. I see you hold ZRE in the income portfolio. There are two others that with US exposure(PHR) and CGR is a global reit.

Since I am overweight CND stocks does it make sense to go with either PHR or CGR.

This will be held in a LIRA account and I am aware there could be withholding taxes if I go with PHR or CGR.


Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Rino on March 03, 2021
Q: Would this portfolio held in RRIF have withholding tax on dividends. Does this look like a good portfolio?
Read Answer Asked by Burke on January 15, 2021
Q: Hello, looking for emerging markets, ETFs you recommend ex China and ex India (as I already hold INDY and FXI). Also looking for non-Canadian REIT ETF recommendations (I hold XRE). Finally what are your thoughts on preferred share ETFs and which would you recommend (Canadian or not) outside of CPD.
Read Answer Asked by Sophie on November 13, 2020
Q: Hey 5i,

As a follow up. What are your top picks US/CDN REIT ETF's
You'd recommend for a longterm hold.

Thank you for all the great advice!
Read Answer Asked by AJ on June 04, 2020
Q: 1. Could you please recommend stock or etf for global or USA real estate exposure. Well diversified TFSA, conservative investor.
2. Could you also please suggest how to reduce exposure in C Cyc space. and increase in Industrial. In C Cyc currently own own MG and NFI ( C Cyc / Industrial) and WSP in Industrial.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Hali on November 18, 2019
Q: How would you play the US Reit space at this time? ETFs or specific stocks? Can you recommend a couple of each?
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on October 25, 2019
Q: Hi, Can I get your perspective on U.S. Real estate. I am looking at investing in the US REITS and was wondering if now is a good time. I am looking at the following companies as well as the VNQ . Do you think the US reits is a good area to look into seeing as the US economy seems to be doing well and interest rates are low. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by pietro on October 23, 2019
Q: Hi 5i Team.

I have positions in the three ETFs listed above representing financial and Canad/US real estate sectors. The ETFs are at a reasonable cost and provide good yields. What is 5i's opinion about these three ETFs.


Read Answer Asked by Iqbal on November 26, 2018