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Q: My healthcare sector is very low. I will buying for within my TFSA account and wonder if the ETF XHC would be good ? I can also buy 3 US healthcare companies as I would have enough funds to do so. What would be the best 3 US healthcare companies you would buy if this is preferred over the EFT?

Read Answer Asked on March 11, 2024
Q: I currently own XHC.

I see that VHT has a lot lower MER. Does it make sense to make a switch?
I assume VHT is more North America while XHC is global?

Also have about 4% in ABBV in an Registered Account with a 52% return. (thank your;)
Would it make sense to cut this down to 2% and add LLY?

LLY has had quite a run the last couple of years and that can be scary. Does LLY have a good runway?

Read Answer Asked by Colin on January 17, 2024
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