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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: According to my portfolio analysis, I need to increase my US & international exposure. I am underweight in materials, real estate, communication services and utilities. Could you suggest 2-3 of your favourites US stocks for each of these 4 sectors? I greatly appreciate all the good advice I received from being a member of 5iResearch.

Read Answer Asked by jacques on July 16, 2021

Q: I would like to diversify my REIT holdings geographically. I currently hold a reasonable position in CAR.UN and an overweight position in TCN. I would appreciate any recommended REITS with operations in the USA or Europe that are registered in either Canada or the USA. Is there anything like another another Tricon Residential available?
With appreciation for your great service.

Read Answer Asked by Ed on July 05, 2021

Q: Hi,

Im looking for an investment thats fairly stable, with some income, some growth and should do well in the next few years. I own no REITS, and no industrials presently.

Can you recommend 2 CDN REITS I should consider? If you have better options than the ones I listed, what else should I consider?

Can you recommend two US REITS as well?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 18, 2021

Q: I just sold a US stock that represents about 5% of my RIF and about 23% of my US holdings in the RIF. Income is obviously OK but some growth would also be welcome. Do you have any suggestions.
Thanks for the great work!

Read Answer Asked by Robert on April 30, 2021

Q: Hi! I am using the Balanced Equity portfolio however as a complete portfolio it falls short in that there are no Us/Global stocks. There are area s the Canadian market doesn’t represent well. If you were to complement the Balanced Equity portfolio with 6-8 US/Global names, what stocks would complete the portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Ian on April 27, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
Would you add to an existing position in any of these ? I know you generally frown upon averaging down but if you would in what order ?
Thanks again
Mike E

Read Answer Asked by mike on April 07, 2021

Q: Hope you and yours have so far successfully avoiding covid-19.
Our portfolio is below
Cons Discr 5%: US:NIO, US:CELH
Cons Stpl 3.8% - US:COST
Energy 6.2%
Health 4.2% - US:MDT
Ind 5.8% - US:RTX, CNR
Real Est 2.7% - US:RDFN
Tech 13.4%
Telcom 5.7%
Util 7.4%
Cash 8%

All the fin svcs are up nicely but V and BAM have only small gains. We like both but think we should reduce this overweight sector and re-balance among the Industrial, Health and Real Estate sectors.
We are down 41% on NIO and down 12% on CELH but we are prepared to wait unless you think their prospects aren’t worth the wait.
We’d appreciate your view on what to sell in fin svcs and what to buy in Ind, Health & Real Est.
Many, many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by TOM on April 06, 2021

Q: Hi, I put away some extra cash into my RRSP before March 1 and unsure where to put the funds. I'm thinking of adding to my holdings in each of the following stocks. I have less than a full position in each, except for DIV and NWH where I have a full position at this time. Generally want to put funds into something not too risky, but not just top up my existing ETF holdings (which I generally do if I don't have a better idea where to put the money).

Read Answer Asked by Michael on March 04, 2021

Q: We are in the process of transferring some under performing RRSP mutual funds to our self directed RRSP investment account. Our TSFA's have been maxed out with mostly growth oriented stocks. Presently, we have a smaller self directed RRSP with limited number of positions. With the transfer we will have a sizeable amount of money to reinvest in our RRSP accounts. Would it be advisable to mirror one of your model portfolios, or consider all the above positions and add accordingly?

Are there any of the listed companies you would suggest increasing positions on and any in which should not be added to at the present time?
Portfolio analytics
Shows we need to increase our exposure to International and US.
As well, do you have any ideas to increase exposure to: (Stocks or ETF's)
Basic material
Communication services
Consumer defensive
Health care
Real estate

Thanks Gord

Read Answer Asked by Gord on February 18, 2021

Q: COR reported yesterday February 4 and shares are down about 5%.
1. Your view on the results please , for example results vs. management forecasts.
2. Is projected cash flow sufficient to meet debt obligations and projected distribution rates ?
3. Is COR positioned well for the growth in the global need for data centers, especially given rapid digitization (possibly including some troublesome humans in the future) ?
4. I referred to your response to my question of January 13 (thank you). Is there anything in your answer of that date that you would change?
5. Is today a good time to buy ?

Read Answer Asked by Adam on February 09, 2021

Q: I just moved my RRSP over to Questrade from PH&N and have lots of cash to deploy (5+ year time line). For tax efficiency, I want to hold REITs, bonds, interest investments, US div stocks/ETFs, royalty income funds or any other investments that are not tax efficient in my MARGIN, TFSA and CORP accounts.
(1) Industrial REITs: I have half positions in DIR, GRT - should I diversify and also take positions in WIR and SMU or focus on DIR and GRT?
(2) Other REITs: Can you recommend any other quality value REITs? Is it a good time to invest in residential REITs?
(3) Can you recommend a good high yield bond ETF that has performed as well as PH&N High Yield Bond?
(4) Can you recommend some good value US div stocks (preferred) or ETFs? I am considering ABBV, PG, VZ.
Many thanks for any/all suggestions/comments!!!

Read Answer Asked by Grant on January 19, 2021

Q: COLD is included in “RBC's Top 30 Global Ideas- Q1 2021” ( released 4 Jan 2021). I compared COLD to COR and COR struck me as a better investment. RBC rates COLD Outperform and COR as sector perform. I read through the usual blurbs and recent year financials as well as generally available projections. CFRA rates both as Hold (neutral). I looked through Thomson Reuters and I think COLD has higher ratings in general (I am not sure as it is difficult to tell when the TR reports on each were actually updated).

It is unlikely RBC Capital would have picked COLD as a global best idea without studying COLD’s peers. I conclude therefore that I must be missing something. Which one of the two do YOU see as the better investment? (Important : If neither, please give names of OTHER US Industrial REITs that you prefer OVER the above-noted COLD and COR).

Read Answer Asked by Adam on January 13, 2021

Q: I apologize as I should have asked for some US names in my original question about stocks for my Smith Manoeuvre. 2/3 would be in an unregistered account and 1/3 in a TFSA? Would you be able to please provide 8-9 US names as well in order of your preferred ranking of what to buy first and which ones preferred for TFSA. Thanks again

Read Answer Asked by Marco on January 08, 2021

Q: These companies have been drifting off their highs and am wondering if there is a particular reason for this; wondering if this is a good time to buy, or hold, and which you think have the best value and potential? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Pat on December 14, 2020

Q: I bought DIR.un and WIR.un , the industrial REITs based partly on NAV, FFO, and dividend growth and because I had hardly any Canadian investments. However , on the said REITs , perhaps my calculations were incorrect. Both are down significantly notwithstanding that eCommerce has grown rapidly. I also have COR and COLD on close watch. I expected industrial warehouses and logistics to have a reasonably good growth trajectory. Do you think that growth in this type of company will be flat for the next year or two? To what would you attribute the weakness evident in the valuation of these companies that should, one would think, behave very differently from , say apartment REITs? Would you favor COLD or COR over the Canadian-listed ones and if yes, your reasons other those obvious in financial metrics?

Read Answer Asked by Adam on September 02, 2020

Q: Hello Peter,
If you wanted to beef up the income portion of your portfolio and liked the idea of a couple of industrial REITs, in each of the US and Canada, (partly on the assumption of 'fulfillment' in this new world of online ordering), which four would top your list - assuming you're hoping for good and/or growing yields. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by James on August 10, 2020