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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: This excellent question was answered by your team on oct 30 th.
"I'm wondering if you could suggest 20 Canadian stocks, with a minimum yield of 3.5%, that you would purchase NOW. This list could include ETFs."
I shall ask a similar question but for only 12 US stocks or ETFs in my TFSA ,the goal being safety+ dividends + some growth ,many thanks
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on October 31, 2023
Q: According to my portfolio analysis, I need to increase my US & international exposure. I am underweight in materials, real estate, communication services and utilities. Could you suggest 2-3 of your favourites US stocks for each of these 4 sectors? I greatly appreciate all the good advice I received from being a member of 5iResearch.
Read Answer Asked by jacques on July 16, 2021
Q: I am looking for a couple of suggestions for US stocks that would be similar conservative and yield as Fortis on the Canadian side
Read Answer Asked by Terry on September 18, 2020
Q: Hey Peter & Team,

This one has me a little confused. I am in at a little over $2.00. Was excited when the news surfaced about the Harvest takeover for $5.00. Saw the jump and watched the stock as it understandably hovered around the $4.80 to $4.85 mark and assumed this is where it would sit until the deal was done and I received the $5.00/share as per the deal.

Now in the past week or so it has dropped almost 11% to $4.35.

Can you please explain why the share price has dropped so low considering there is a done deal at $5.00/share...

Also, what advice you can give moving forward re when this deal will complete and as a shareholder what I should do in the meantime...

And am I correct to expect I will eventually receive $5 per share.

Thanks for all you do


Read Answer Asked by Gord on June 15, 2015
Q: Good Afternoon 5i Team

I have a small position in NRG. Have noticed over the past month very little movement on the stock price and, for the past 8 days, it has stayed at $2.25 with very little volume.

Last you reported there is risk but potential. is there anything you can add to that today that might speak towards what you see moving forward and what reasons if any for the stagnant price and minimal trading?

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Gord on October 31, 2014
Q: re: NRG

As per your last answer May 28, NRG went through their planned one-to-four stock consolidation and as is usually the case just like you said, the market wasn't very kind to the move.

I'm still sitting on this as a long time hold. I'm wondering if there is anything new to report since we last discussed it on May 28. Also, can you please tell me if NRG Energy Inc. & Alter NRG Corp have any relationship?

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Gord on August 14, 2014
Q: re: Alter NRG Corp NRG

Any update since our last look Apr 2 and the May 15 Investor call? What is your opinion of future prospects considering the equities lackluster performance so far in 2014?

And is there any relationship between CA:NRG & NRG Energy Inc on the NYSE?

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Gord on May 28, 2014
Q: Alter NRG Corp

I am down 15% which (with a small position of $1,000) isn't that big a deal. And I know you mentioned in the past this needs to be considered risky. I don't have a problem holding unless there is something you know or can see which should tell me to get out now.

Thank You Peter & Family

Read Answer Asked by Gord on April 02, 2014
Hi Peter, knowing your past involvement with this name it looks as if this name has upside momentum this past year and last Friday ,Robert McWhirter President of Selective Asset Management picked it as his top pick on BNN. Looking through their website, the projects in the pipeline leads me to think that the stock can double from here. Any thoughts?
Read Answer Asked by DAVID on February 04, 2014
Q: Hi Peter, earlier I asked about Alter Nrg and how their $400 million project in Tees Valley could make a big impact in that it will be the first industrial plant that takes in a 1000 tonnes of garbage and the syngas then is cogenerated to produce electricity for 50,000 homes. Trading volume is going up along with the price. Looks like Air Products will be ordering for a second plant shortly. Would you buy Alter Nrg here?
Read Answer Asked by DAVID on August 16, 2013
Q: Hi Peter,
The environment and energy continue to be a large issue in today’s world. I am looking at a company named Alter NRG (NRG.T) that address both waste and energy issues via a plasma gasification technology. Roman Abromovich has been acquiring companies in this space and has just purchased 30% of Alter NRG. Their plasma technology is being endorsed by Air Products who is building a $400 million plasma plant in the UK (their largest one time investment). It would seem like the tipping point for the technology is here and I wanted to get your thoughts on investing in this company.
Read Answer Asked by DAVID on February 26, 2013