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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello 5i Team

Could you please review the three listed US Oil & Gas midstream companies which are not MLPs?

Please rank in order which would be the best company(s) for allocation of capital.

Are there any other US C-Corporation midstream companies which I should be reviewing?

These would be held in a US dollar denominated RRSP account for long term growth and income.

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on January 03, 2024
Q: I have $40K US to redeploy I would open 3-4 positions in an unregistered account. My thoughts go to blue chip dividend payers and nothing commodity based that I can let grow for 3-5 years. I do hold the following in this account: GOOG,AMZN,AAPL,CELH,ISRG MSFT,SYK . Your input is much appreciated. David
Read Answer Asked by David on November 20, 2023
Q: This excellent question was answered by your team on oct 30 th.
"I'm wondering if you could suggest 20 Canadian stocks, with a minimum yield of 3.5%, that you would purchase NOW. This list could include ETFs."
I shall ask a similar question but for only 12 US stocks or ETFs in my TFSA ,the goal being safety+ dividends + some growth ,many thanks
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on October 31, 2023
Q: good morning,

I'm overweight communications services, own BCE,T,DIS and GOOG. Telecoms are for dividends disney for a recovery if and when Iger sells TV and streaming business. Not selling GOOG which is more hybrid .If I where to trim telecoms where can i find a similar dividend stream.
Also is there any way to split google in portfolio analytics between technology and comm services. What are the percentages?

Thanks (gratefully)

Plenty of credits left
Read Answer Asked by Denis on July 24, 2023
Q: Hi, Iím curious and very intrigued as to how an AQN takeover might happen. Could it be bought whole and if so who has the resources to pull this off? Iím thinking Brookfield/ BEPC or perhaps another Private Equity company like KKR? Or could it be sold off in parts perhaps renewables to a NPI or Brookfield and the Power Gen/Transmission/Water to a Fortis? Thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Anthony on January 19, 2023
Q: Given the possibility of a recession and the certainty of volatility for the next couple years, can you give me 4 CDN and 4 US stocks/etf's, you think might provide some safety and reliable, albeit moderated returns? The equities I've listed are my ideas.
Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 20, 2022
Q: Hello, which 3 stocks do you like in the utilities sector that offer international exposure; I have a 10-15 year timeline. My reason for asking is to rebalance my portfolio. Thanks for your guidance.
Read Answer Asked by Bren on April 11, 2022
Q: Would you please suggest 5 Canadian companies and 3 US companies that have dividend yields of at least 3.25% annually that have a high probability of capital preservation over a five year time frame? Thanks for your great advice,
Read Answer Asked by Bryan on February 16, 2022
Q: My portfolio is low on utilities and industrials at the moment. It also needs more US and international exposure. Any suggestions for a few stocks that might be good additions at the moment? They'd be long term holds.
Read Answer Asked by Jordan on December 23, 2021
Q: Good Morning, I purchased 2 stocks for their dividend income, and to hold for at least 5-10 years. OKE is about 3.7% of my US portfolio and KEY at 2.9% of my Canadian portfolio. Am thinking of selling and taking advantage of the tax loss since they are underperforming. Would this be a wise move or should I stay the course and keep them. If I do sell I was thinking of adding X and Well along with DUK and GILD...thoughts or suggestions?
Read Answer Asked by Barb on December 08, 2020
Q: Shortly after the COVID crash, I ran a screener for companies that were down 50% or more over 1, 3, and 5 year timeframes, to capture stocks that were well below their their normal longer term levels. I note that had I blindly bought the top 10 or 20 names, I'd have done pretty well (although I pretty well picking from 5i stocks anyway). These 5 are now at the top of that list. Do you see any opportunity or red flags in any of these?
Read Answer Asked by Rick on August 17, 2020
Q: Hi 5I Team
I am looking for a US stock in the Global Infrastructure (like BIP.un) with growth & dividend only even low. (no distributions like .UN)
Thanks Best Regards

Read Answer Asked by Djamel on February 10, 2020
Q: Morning Team,
Can you recommend top 2 US pipelines with dividends please ! I have Canadian pipelines such as IPL, ENB,TRP and PPL. of all my 4 Canadian Pipelines total just over 8% of my portfolio. Thinking to add 3% of US pipelines.
Thanks as always,
Regards, Tak
Read Answer Asked by Tak on March 12, 2019