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Q: Please rank these companies, or suggest alternatives, as investment opportunities in the build out of the electric grid to accommodate changes in energy delivery - based on their current stock valuations.
Read Answer Asked by John on October 30, 2023
Q: An excerpt from Oaktree's quartley letters,concerning the US power grid, states:

The entire power grid needs to be updated and reimagined in many ways some obvious and some that take more expertise to appreciate.

For example, substation equipment will need to be upgraded to handle renewable capacity additions. Tens of thousands of miles of overhead conductors will need to be replaced, and new lines will need to be built. And new distribution equipment, such as transformers, will need to be installed and serviced. In short, we believe investors should focus on the entire electric power value chain from generation through consumption.

Could you please list some companies that you feel would benefit from the above changes.
Read Answer Asked by micheal on June 30, 2022
Q: I understand these stocks [and others] are involved in grid electrification and modernization. infrastructure modernization and digitization of industry.
Could you comment on which ones [and others] you would recommend with rationale. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by sam on February 10, 2022
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