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Q: Would you suggest some ETFs that capture U.S. & Cdn stocks - top ones that hold top DOW, NASDQ & S&P? My son is 33 YO - has RRSP, TFSA and Non- Reg acct, I believe he owns some NVIDIA stock. I realize not a lot of info. My investment strategy is quite different as I am not - as a priority, focused on growth; but, dividend growers which has served me well over the last 15 years.
Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by James on June 28, 2023
Q: Could you give some suggestions for ETF's that track the Nasdaq and DOW? What account would you hold them in and are there any that trade in Canadian dollars?

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on January 10, 2023
Q: Could you please provide me a list of your top 5 ETF funds for US equities.
Read Answer Asked by Claus on December 05, 2022
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