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Q: Further to previous questions, I have ZWT as a Tech ETF, and has done well, but things like SMCIs pop last week would have definitely not been fully realized. Is there a solid Canadian listed Tech ETF for putting in my TFSA? I would like to avoid tax things if it pays a dividend. US listed options as well, preferably with negligible dividends.

Can you suggest a few options for each market, with low fees and a good management team? and maybe a specialized Data center ETF?


Read Answer Asked by James on January 24, 2024
Q: Hello 5i
Many thanks for your continuing excellent weekly observations and advice.

In my RRIF, TFSA and Unregistered accounts some of the larger holdings are US companies (GOOG, MSFT, etc). I am concerned that upon my passing some or all of these US stocks may be vulnerable to US Estate Tax.
I know that there are various tax treaties between the US and Canada that might impact some or all of these holdings, but I am unclear on the details.
Can you tell me if either or both the TFSA and RRIF are exempt?
Can you provide references that would cover these questions?
Can you recommend CANADIAN-based ETFs that hold Mag. 7 and/or other popular US stocks?
Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by David on January 22, 2024
Q: Please provide your comments on the risk for the above ETFs (low to high) and rank them for potential growth. Are there Canadian equivalents to the US ETFs? Would it be a good idea to purchase the US ETFs in a TFSA? Would these ETFs currently be considered to be a buy, hold or sell?
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Don on January 04, 2024
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