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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: My wife has set up a small non registered account. She has chosen the above ETF's. She would like to add an ETF that covers the Dow Jones. Long term hold. Your suggestions. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by David on January 07, 2022

Q: what value / cyclical suggestions do you have ETF wise?

Would one play a DOW ETF or the Russell?
or Canadian ETFs ?


Read Answer Asked by Mark on June 01, 2021

Q: I am not well diversified into the US market.

I would like to sell some Canadian Banks and put that capital into US equities.

I would like to consider an ETF or a mix of ETFs.

I would like to stick to my investment personality,
long term hold, would not need money for well over 10 years.
Large Cap, Blue Chip dividend paying and "dividend GROWING" equities.

1. Can you make a recommendation for a low cost / mer etf.
2. Do I need more than one ?
3. Should I buy this in Canadian or US funds ?
4. What are the pros and cons of the purchase in Canadian or US dollars



Read Answer Asked by Ernest on January 11, 2021

Q: Hi 5i
Hope you can help me. I've managed my and my wife's registered and unregistered accounts for a number of years and I'm satisfied with the results. Those accounts primarily hold equities and I spend quite a bit of time overseeing them and tweaking as I think necessary.
I've now been put in the position of acting as trustee of funds for two minors. The time frames the two trusts will run are 7 and 9 years respectively and the principal amount of each is approx 75K. I want to invest the funds but I don't want to put them in individual equities and manage them as actively as I do our personal accounts. I would prefer to put them into ETF's that I can keep an eye on monthly or quarterly and not worry too much about tweaking.
Being optimistic by nature I'm hoping to arrange to get it all for these two trusts - capital appreciation, income, sensible degree of risk, Canadian, US and international exposure, favourable tax treatment, etc.
There are an awful lot of ETF's out there and I really don't know how best to evaluate them to shake out a reasonable number to look into further - especially considering how difficult it can be to identify individual holdings to effectively avoid overlap and provide diversification.
With all that in mind, could I ask you to list 5 (or so) equity based ETF's for each of CDA, the US and internationally that you think might accomplish the goals I've listed, so that I can then look into those ones further and make some decisions about where to put these funds I'm charged with managing.
Also, if you do have any general or specific advice that you think might be useful to me in the situation I've described, I would certainly appreciate your including it in your answer.
Thanks very much and please deduct credits as you feel appropriate.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on June 05, 2020

Q: Hello, Please provide ETF's that replicates TSX, S&P, DOW & NASDAQ
are there Hedged and non-hedged versions for US stock Indices.

Read Answer Asked by Harpinder on March 10, 2020

Q: Hello: I have been reading the last ROB and the Invest like a legend article. I find it interesting most of those interviewed mention broad index funds. You have mentioned these many times but hope you might address these funds again with a portfolio of index funds. Thank you in advance. Barbara

Read Answer Asked by Barbara on February 06, 2019

Q: In reply to my recent question about my mutual funds - TD US Mid-Cap growth, TD US Blue Chip and Fidelity Global Innovators, you advised that they could be replaced with lower-cost ETFs. Please advise which ETFs you would recommend as replacements.

Read Answer Asked by sam on February 04, 2019

Q: Can you account for the underperformance of this mutual fund which hit a high for the year on May 4 of $19.35 and now rests at $18.59?
The mandate is try to match the DJ index by holding the components but the index is some 10% higher now than May which makes the poor performance since then even more glaring. Can you suggest a fund or ETF that would truly mirror the DJ Index? Thanks, J.

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on September 21, 2017

Q: Hi Peter & Co.

I currently own ZDJ, ZSP & ZQQ. Should I replace these with VUN?



Read Answer Asked by Henry on May 31, 2016