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Q: Hi,
I find it useful for me to monitor certain ETF ratios as a way of seeing whether or not rotation is taking place - such as: IWF:IWD - to see if growth is being favoured over value, as an example.
I have a harder time understanding the concept of 'credit spread' with regards to the bond market and am wondering if there might be a pair of ETF's that could be used in a similar way to show a ratio that indicates whether or not corporate or junk bonds are being favoured - possibly LQD:JNK?
Is looking at a ratio such as this a good way to track it? Would it be better to just monitor the difference, as a percentage, between the two ETF's over time?
I'm open to your wise counsel, as this isn't an area I have any expertise in - and I am finding it hard to educate myself on it with any confidence in some of what I am reading on the wilds of the internet.
If you feel this is something to benefit others, feel free to make it public.
Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on July 13, 2022

Q: what value / cyclical suggestions do you have ETF wise?

Would one play a DOW ETF or the Russell?
or Canadian ETFs ?


Read Answer Asked by Mark on June 01, 2021
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