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Investment Q&A

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Q: Dear 5i,
Is TEC ETF CAD hedged?
Does TEC ETF hold all stocks directly?
The MER for TEC is 0.39 and the MER for QQC.F is 0.26.
If one already owned 8% VFV and 10% VVL in an RRSP and wanted to increase technology exposure by 2% which one would you choose?


Read Answer Asked by Ian on January 03, 2022

Q: Is there any difference in performance between between a US listed ETF and the equivalent Canadian TSX listed ETF? Is it best to keep it in Canadian currency?
For example: VOO// VFV/ VSP or QQQ// QQC.F/ QQC
Also what would you recommend for hedged vs non-hedged and also market weight vs equal weight?

Read Answer Asked by Ben on October 01, 2021

Q: Good morning,
I'm looking at adding a QQQ equivalent component two my Cdn$ Non Registered portfolio.

HXQ and XQQ are among the ETFs currently under consideration.

Q1. At this point in time, would you recommend a hedged or unhedged Canadian version of QQQ?

Q2. Not limiting yourself to HXQ and XQQ, what would be your recommendation for a Canadian QQQ equivalent?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Francesco on September 27, 2021

Q: Have $20,000 I would like to allocation outside Canada. Already receiving an average of 6% dividend return on my C$ portfolio. Not really looking for additional income , what do you think of the above or is there other ETFs I should research.
I have a small position in VGG. Maybe etf holding Amazon, PayPal but not a pure internet such as FDN.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on January 09, 2019

Q: What five ETF’s would be suitable to hold in an RRSP? I am interested in technology, healthcare, financials, energy and industrials. I am a moderately conservative investor, am looking at about a 15 year timeline and am interested in Canadian, US, global and emerging markets. Many thanks for your insights.

Read Answer Asked by Heather on October 01, 2018

Q: My portfolio lacks a serious commitment to technology although it is reasonably well balanced across the remaining sectors emphasizing a conservative income approach. To address the tech sector, I thought I would start easy, as it were, by investing in either ZQQ or XQQ. For an investor in his mid seventies, with a low comfort level in most things tech, that would appear to me to be the way to go. Appreciate your view.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Geoffrey on July 30, 2018

Q: Dear Mr. Hodson and Mr. Modesto,

I'm helping a friend construct a portfolio worth $375,900. She is a single mother who is planning to retire in a few years. All her children have grown up and no longer require financial support.

Besides CPP and OAS, she also has some other income from other source and wish to supplement her spending with dividend income from the portfolio. She's asked me to help her to contruct a moderate growth portfolio. She said a yearly dividend income of $10000 will be sufficient.

Now, her trading accounts have:
BCE- 73%, SLF- 12%, BMO - 11%, Cash - 4%

Here are my questions. Please deduct as many credit as you wish from my question credits.

Her new portfolio will generate a yearly dividend income of $12954 (yield 3.44%) from $375,900.

Financial -22% - keep the BMO(11%), SLF(12%)
Utitility -16% - AQN, BEP.UN, H, KWH.UN
Energy -10% - ENB, WCP, PKI or TRP
Consumer -16% - PBH, ATD.B, DOL, TSGI
Industrial -11% - NFI, WSP, TCL.A
Health - 4% - CSH.UN, GUD
Technology - 12%- CSU, ARKW, Please suggest: Nasdaq index?
Telecomm - 6% - BCE
Cash - 3%

My questions are:
1) For a moderate growth portfolio, is the sector allocation appropriate?
2) Do I need to further diversify BMO and SLF?
3) In each sector, do you have any suggestions for the right stocks? Feel free to add or delete.
4) Please let me know which stocks you would recommend to add first?
5) For a person close to retirement age and no experience investing in US, is it necessary for her to invest abroad? What's your opinion?
6) All the above proposed stocks, which growth stocks should go into the TFSA? What are your top 5 picks among the growth stocks above?

Thanks as always

Read Answer Asked by Esther on July 11, 2018