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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: My 22 year old daughter has $7G to invest. She has dual citizenship with the US and has been told that she will be taxed on TFSA gains. Do you have any recommendations for her based on this?

Also, could you recommend some ETFs for her?

Thank you so much.

Read Answer Asked by Maxine on October 25, 2021

Q: Hi
in regards to the Balanced ETF model portfolio, which ETFs that trade in USD would you recommend in place of VGG and ZSP?
I assume that both of these ETFs provide dividends and would best be held in an RRSP - is that right?

Read Answer Asked by Mary on August 16, 2021

Q: My husband and I are in our early 60s. We do not have a company income. The bulk of our assets are in my RRSP and LIRA accounts.
We are converting his RRSP to a RRIF and my LIRA to a LIF this year and waiting until I am 65 to convert my RRSP so we can take advantage of pension splitting.
We are conservative investors and just want to keep up with inflation.
Would you please suggest a few ETFs for diversification and a few income ETFs for our LIF, RRIF and my RRSP accounts. If there are stocks you would would like to include that would be appreciated. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Donna on August 10, 2021

Q: My 31 year old daughter has $50,000 cash in her US TFSA account. What investments would you recommend for a mid to long term hold.


Read Answer Asked by Barney on August 05, 2021

Q: I was just reading about thematic investing in TF's and wanted to get your opinion on it? I have some BAC I want to sell and find something newin US, this is in RRSP so looking for higher dividend, would you have any recommendations?

Read Answer Asked by Don on August 04, 2021

Q: Youve mentioned that you generally like to keep single ETF exposure to 15%. Since VGG and VGH invest in the same underlying ETF (VIG), should I keep exposure to 15% between them, or could they each still be 15%?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Alan on July 07, 2021

Q: Hi folks, I am expecting an inheritance of about $50-70,000. I currently have what I would consider a med-high risk portfolio for retirement. I'm 46 so I am a ways from retiring but would rather put that $50-70,000 in a small number of low-med risk equities or an ETF with a good dividend and just let it grow slowly but surely. Can you provide any recommendations?


Read Answer Asked by Brad on June 25, 2021

Q: A bit of USD cash to deploy in an unregistered account. Hit for the average with SPY, pick the safer large cap div payers with VIG or growth is the next big thing with IWO. Not a large sum so just topping up one of my 3 USA focused etfs I already hold. Which is the best buy right now, +5 year hold.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 23, 2021

Q: Although I currently hold VYM and VIG in my RRSP, SCHD has been on my radar for a few years and would appreciate your thoughts on adding this particular US$ ETF in my US$ Non Registered account. More specifically,
Q1. Would the withholding tax be eligible for the foreign tax credit when filing my tax return,
Q2. Would the US dividends be taxed as income, and
Q3. Of the three ETFs mentioned above, which one would you recommend for a US$ Non Registered account and your reason for the recommendation.
As usual, your sage advice is much appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on May 27, 2021

Q: I had a portfolio review many years ago when you did them individually, personally by human! At the time your suggestions were right on and cleaned up my ETF's. Now I have over ten and according to your metrics it should not be so. Given those above, is there anything that is not required? I am up 25%- 150% on all of them. I am happy with all of them. I have a balanced portfolio in all 11 sectors with 44 stocks all doing quite nicely thank you. Following the income portfolio with some of my own additions from 15 years ago. I do not see any major conflicts.I am s a buy and hold dividend investor with some growth ( lightspeed, Leon's).
Thank you for your million dollar service!

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on April 26, 2021

Q: Hello 5i,
As I approach 70 years of age I am trying to prepare for my impending RRSP - RRIF conversion. One move I am considering is to move VIG over a period of years from my RRSP to my TFSA. The rationale is that it is a relatively low dividend stock but the capital appreciation is huge - I am currently up about 76% - and this means the increase in VIG value affects my minimum withdrawal required each year while contributing relatively little in the way of dividend income to cover the mandated minimum withdrawals.
One note - for the past several years we have been taking our TFSA contributions from our RRSP's but seem to always end up with a tax refund anyway, so we are not so concerned with the tax issue on that front.
So, to the question (finally): do you see any problems at all in such a move for VIG or any other U.S. ETF or Global ETF? The withholding tax on U.S. holdings in the TFSA is not an issue. Any other comments or suggestions?
Many thanks!!

Read Answer Asked by Mike on April 13, 2021

Q: Hello,
Can you recommend high or dividend oriented etfs that fall under the following category:
1) From at least more than one ETF company
2) Focuses on dividend payers and moderate growth
3) Covers CDN,US and the rest of the world (not necessarily in one ETF)

I like to pick and chose and change as needed. Not a huge fan of asset allocation ETFs at this point.

Read Answer Asked by Robbie on March 25, 2021

Q: I plan to retire in the next few years and have in mind to replace employment income with dividends. I have moderate to high risk tolerance. What dividend generating index funds or ETFs do you recommend to be in each of the following. My funds are split as noted below.
RRSP: 70%
TFSA: 10%
Cash account: 20%

Read Answer Asked by Michelle on March 24, 2021

Q: Hello
Thinking of retiring and drawing the dividends from our RRSP to replace income from employment until age 71.
Would it make sense to sell the first 4 mentioned and buy only EQL.
This move would give us $5,000. more yearly income from dividends (before taxes).
I mentioned selling VIG because of the currency variability and EQL pays a higher dividend..
We would still maintain growth ETFs like IWO, ICLN, KWEB, PSCH etc.
Thank you for your time.

Read Answer Asked by Mike on March 09, 2021