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Q: Hi 5i team,

I am seeking to invest in AI and Cyber security funds. Could you please recommended some ETF names? My time horizon is 10+ years.
Read Answer Asked by Hale on February 16, 2023
Q: After recent developments in Ukraine-Russia war, Russia now treating NATO as a direct enemy, so we are are going to see significant escalation in cyber war activities, meaning more money is going to be spend on cyber security. To capitalize on this, I would like to invest in one of these three cybersecurity ETFs. I am leaning towards BUG because it has higher concentration of security names, two other ETFs have many cloud/infrastructure holdings (e.g. Cisco, Cloudflare, etc.) that have little to do with cybersecurity. Yet, BUG is the smallest out of 3 ETFs and it has very high average P/E ratio... Which ETF do you recommend and what's you reasoning for the choice? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 26, 2023
Q: could you please recommend a Cybersecurity ETF or two top stock suggestions and if good to buy now or average in.
Read Answer Asked by ralph on January 23, 2023
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