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Q: I presently have QQQ and VIG in a USD TFSA, in roughly equal weightings. I'm looking to add one or possibly two more USD ETFs to this TFSA account to diversify a bit more, resulting in rougly 33% or 25% equal weightings depending on whether I end up with three or four in total. If adding just one I would be willing to sacrifice some growth opportunity in favour of some stability and yield in the roughly 3-4% (+/-) range, if possible. If adding two I would prefer something just as described, plus something growth oriented with little or no yield. I'm hoping to minimize duplication or overlap with the existing QQQ and VIG combination, to the extent possible. These would all be securities purchased in USD for long term term holds, and I am not too concerned about the withholding tax on US dividends in a USD TFSA. Can you offer some suggestions? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on November 11, 2021

Q: Although I currently hold VYM and VIG in my RRSP, SCHD has been on my radar for a few years and would appreciate your thoughts on adding this particular US$ ETF in my US$ Non Registered account. More specifically,
Q1. Would the withholding tax be eligible for the foreign tax credit when filing my tax return,
Q2. Would the US dividends be taxed as income, and
Q3. Of the three ETFs mentioned above, which one would you recommend for a US$ Non Registered account and your reason for the recommendation.
As usual, your sage advice is much appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on May 27, 2021
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