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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi,
I assume that you will deduct question points as you see fit.
I am considering simplifying and 'conservatising' my RRIF.My wife andI are in our mid 70's.
Portfolio Analytical has again shown that my account is unbalanced with inadequate foreign content. I also need to increase my weightings in Consumer (discretional and defensive), Industrial and Technology.

Could you please suggest 5 names for conservative longterm holds in non Canadian Stocks or ETF's in the following categories?
a)consumer defensive
b)consumer discretionary
d)Technology .

With many thanks,

Read Answer Asked by david on June 16, 2021

Q: I should increase the industrial allocation in my rrif Presently I have SIS, WSP and XLI . I would appreciate your opinion regarding stocks or ETFS with some income generation and growth preferably in US or multinational ie MG. Is SIS a reasonable choice for a rrif.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on December 09, 2020

Q: what would be your top few picks for an ETF to ad global and US exposure to a portfolio that is lacking that? interested more in tech, industrial, basic materials and consumer defence/cyclical but would be ok looking into any sector if you think they would be a better choice.

Read Answer Asked by chris on April 20, 2020

Q: Luckily, I went to cash on most of my US holdings in Feb, but kept some VIG, thinking it would survive better than others. That has not really been true and I notice that it does not bounce as much on an up day as one like VIS, which also pays a higher yield. As I start picking away at re-building my US portfolio, what 3 ETF's would you recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Maria on March 26, 2020

Q: Please recommend a CAD unhedged US tech ETF and CAD unhedged US industrial ETF or any ETF which has a combination of both and would you buy at this time? Long term hold (10+ years) and medium to high risk. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by K on March 17, 2020

Q: I'm increasing some sector weightings in my RRIF portfolio, and wish to use up some US$. Could you suggest a couple of industrial names - and perhaps an industrial ETF? Thanks, Roland

Read Answer Asked by Roland on November 22, 2017

Q: Hello Peter, I want to have a reasonable allocation to US industrials, including companies like UTX and Texas Instruments, those in the defence sector, etc. I'd like to do this via a well-priced ETF but am a bit lost in the growing ETF jungle. I already have small 2% positions in IWO and QQQ. To best gain exposure to the US industrial sector (including industrial technology stocks that are more economically sensitive), would you suggest I just add to these two ETFs, or can you suggest a better or more targeted one? (I do have a preference for Vanguard as a company, but that's not essential.) Thanks in advance!

Read Answer Asked by James on October 31, 2017