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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: hello 5i:
we are (satisfied) holders of DIVO. Would like your take on IDVO and see its not listed in your data base yet. Is there another International ETF you'd recommend? We currently hold both VIGI and EFAV in the international space.
Paul L
Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 03, 2024
Q: Hi Everyone,

I am very interested in FINALLY purchasing an actively managed Global/International ETF or Mutual Fund. I have had zero such exposure in my portfolio for many years and am also currently sitting with USD in my accounts.
I have been following Mr. Hodson for many years and even though based on my personal metrics/age I still cannot contain my high risk individual stock picking tendencies.
My Investment Advisor has loaded up for decades on 'SGA Global Equity Growth Fund' and some Lazard Freres managed fund but I am not tempted to do so.

I would greatly appreciate some of your favourite recommendations in this space.

Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by Dean on March 26, 2024
Q: Given a career move, my daughter (30 Years old) recently moved her pension money from HOOPP into a LIRA and RRSP. Given she has 30+ years to retirement, can you suggest a handful of ETFs that provide both sector and international exposure? Currently considering XAW for some of the monies. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Ronnie on December 08, 2023
Q: I have held XEF and Vee for years and they never seem to do as well as North American market/companies.

According to portfolio analytics I need more exposure, but these seem to be drags on my portfolio more than anything. There a slight dividend, but there is overall loss on them.

Do you have any other recommendations to get world exposure but with some better growth?

Read Answer Asked by Colin on November 17, 2023
Q: Hello 5i,

As always, thanks for your sage advice.

I am light on international exposure. I am thinking of adding an Indian and Mexican ETF as both economies are robust and likely have a long runway.
Firstly, would you agree? and if so, could you suggest a go to fund for each.

And if no, could you advise what you think would be a better path?

Much appreciated,


Read Answer Asked by ralph on November 08, 2023
Q: For a newly retired conservative investor, can you please recommend some good overall ETFs?
Maybe one that covers the globe conservatively?
For an unregistered account.
Read Answer Asked by Lois on May 17, 2023
Q: Hi...I am trying to decide between a growth ex-North America International ETF and a growth Emerging Market ETF. Would have have 2-3 suggestions for each and why I would choose one over the other?
Read Answer Asked by Maxine on February 27, 2023
Q: You provided an answer to a recent question for worthwhile Global Equity MF & ETF.
The examples you provided were Canadian listed - thanks - now - could you provide 3 each of American Listed Global Equity MF & ETF that are in your opinion worthwhile investments. They will be in my RRSP account. I currently have CIF843 there but am interested in possibly better options.
Read Answer Asked by Reg on December 15, 2021
Q: What are the Can ETFs that cover the main US ETFs, like SPY? And what are their mers?

What are the advantages of using these Canadian versions?

Do you still require W-BEN forms if you buy these?

Thanks for all your help.
Read Answer Asked by Mark on October 28, 2021
Q: Hi
can you recommend one or more ETFs that together or individually cover Europe, Australia and the Far East?
Read Answer Asked by Mary on April 27, 2021
Q: Hi Guys,

I am retired and is looking for recommendations for 10 US and 10 CDN core stocks. Also an ETF or two for ex North American exposure.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Junor on March 23, 2021
Q: If you had to pick 5 ETFs to fill an RRSP, for an investor with a 20+ year timeframe, which would you choose? To add a little context, mid 30's with a TFSA geared towards growth and I am comfortable with risk in that account. I also have a business account where I hold blue chip dividend paying stocks. Comfortable with risk in the RRSP as well but trying to find the sweet spot in between these two accounts.
Read Answer Asked by Mackenzie on February 18, 2021
Q: What are your thoughts on diversifying your portfolio with ex-USA international ETFs? Are there any European or developing markets focused ETFs that you would recommend or consider including in a portfolio?
Read Answer Asked by Patrick on February 16, 2021
Q: What is your view on a core portfolio of the following ETFs: IEMG (12%), IEFA (23%), ITOT/ VFV (40%). The US ETFs would be in RRSP to minimize fees and withholding taxes while VFV would be in a TFSA. Both accounts would be supplemented with individual stocks from the 5i balanced/growth portfolios and a select few US stocks (CRWD, U, SQ, PINS, PLTR, NVDA) for Canada/growth exposure. Do you prefer Vanguard’s comparative US ETFs over the ones mentioned or are you largely indifferent? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by George on February 09, 2021
Q: I was reading Norm Rothery's article on the "hot potato" portfolio strategy. As you know it involves investing in one of four etf's based on the previous year's best performance. The asset classes are Canadian Bond Index, S&P/TSX Composite Index, S&P 500 and MSVI EAGE Index. I have to do a little more research on this strategy but should I decide to allocate a small investment here, what 4 specific etf's would you recommend?
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on September 23, 2019
Q: This is a follow up to my questions about EFT TERs.

Thank you for the information about Canadian ETFs. What about US ones? For example, IEFA fund facts shows:

Expense Ratio 0.07%
Management Fee 0.07%
Acquired Fund Fees 0.00%
Expenses Foreign Taxes 0.00%
Other Expenses 0.00%

There is no mention of transaction fees. I find it difficult to believe the transaction fees for European markets are $0. Do you know where I would find that information?
Read Answer Asked by Federico on September 10, 2019
Q: I am wondering if any of the following do not hold all their international stocks directly (ie if they are an ETF of ETFs). I am pretty sure that XEF, IEFA, and IEMG do own all stocks directly, and I think VEE does not, but please correct me if I am wrong. I cannot seem to find information about the rest.


Thanks again,

Read Answer Asked by Federico on July 05, 2019