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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I'm retired without a pension and have done fairly well investing with the help of 5i over the past 4-1/2 years. My question is regarding diversification and has a few parts.
1. Do you think it's important to be invested in Europe, Asia and the Emerging Markets?
2. If so would ETFs be the safest way to get decent access to those markets or individual equities?
3. Please suggest 1 or 2 EFTs/equities (your preference) for each.
Thank you for your direction.

Read Answer Asked by Lyle on July 28, 2021

Q: How would you rank these two groups of ETF’s for future investment returns, where the best is listed first. European ETF’s VE, ZEQ, FEZ, & XEU. Emerging market ETF’s VEE, XIN, and ZDI. In the two groups if there is a better ETF in i5Reseach opinion, please add it to the list. Please correct the list if I have incorrectly categorized an ETF. Also what percentage of a portfolio should be invested outside of North America. Thanks … Cal

Read Answer Asked by cal on July 08, 2021

Q: Please recommend 4 index etf's Canadian for my TFSA and 4 US for my RRSP. If you recommend Bonds make it number 5 Looking at 15-20 year DRIP and hold.

Read Answer Asked by Cecil on June 30, 2021

Q: Hi
can you recommend one or more ETFs that together or individually cover Europe, Australia and the Far East?

Read Answer Asked by Mary on April 27, 2021

Q: Is there a set/portfolio of ETFs you would recommend for a medium risk investor to ”set and forget” forever? What % allocation would you attribute to each? Timeframe would be for 25+ years.

Read Answer Asked by Mike on April 21, 2021

Q: I bought these ETF's a couple of years ago for diversification purposes. They have not performed well and I am wondering if I should keep them or move on and forget about diversifying outside of North America. I do not like exchange risk.

Read Answer Asked by stephen on August 02, 2019

Q: Greetings 5i team,
I hold these three securities (one mutual fund and two ETFs) in my RSP for global (non-Canadian) equity exposure, total 17% (approx 150k) of overall portfolio and am looking for 5i analysis and possible replacement recommendations. Among the three I have some active management which has been successful, but expensive (EDG), some div income incl 50% US (CYH), some global non-NA exposure (XIN). I primarily invest in international securities for the diversification and growth and not nec income.
I would like to:
- possibly trade off the div income (CYH) for greater international growth
- understand if the active management component is worth the squeeze (cost) for this particular and only MF I own (EDG)
- reconsider the mix of international exposure among the three securities

What combination of ETF(s) would 5i recommend as potential replacement (or sustain as is) for these three securities that meet my goals?
TY for your work

P.S. Good webinar today on Portfolio Analytics.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on July 10, 2019

Q: You suggested the above ETF's for my daughter . She is moving to the USA so could you please suggest the closest equivalents if she is based in the US or would the 4 ETF's mentioned still be appropriate ? Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 29, 2019

Q: Hi,

For a long term position ~ 10% of total portfolio, with broad international equity exposure outside North America, currency not really a factor, was considering XIN vs VXUS vs XEF.
1) preference of three or worth it to purchase more than one?
2) other suggestions?
3) any concerns with 10% of portfolio in any of these single ETFs?

Read Answer Asked by John on August 14, 2018

Q: I wish to get international equity exposure in my portfolio using XEF or XIN, along with XEC for emerging markets. Currently international exposure is negligible.

What do you think an appropriate international weighting would be in a portfolio that is 90% equity/10% fixed income.

I was thinking 15% developed markets (such as XEF) and up to 5% emerging markets (XEC). Thoughts?

Read Answer Asked by Chris on May 03, 2018

Q: I am 70 years old, retired, with a small company pension (not indexed), and rely on investment income for expenses. I am also a conservative investor with 85% of my portfolio in laddered GIC's. For the remaining 15%, I would like a balance of income and growth, combined with maximum geographic diversification. What do you think of this remaining 15% being divided into 30% FIE (which I already hold), 30% XIN, and 40% XAW? I have been with 5i since your inception and greatly appreciate the advice you offer. Thank you.

Paul W

Read Answer Asked by Paul W on January 17, 2018

Q: Hi,
What would be your choice for Europe, Japan, Emerging Markets ETF’s?
Thx Chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on January 10, 2018

Q: Hello,
I am in the process of taking over my mother's portfolio and getting her out of mutual funds. She likes the idea of ETF's to reduce risk vs: specific stocks. What would your top 4-6 ETF's be for a sleep at night portfolio that is well diversified globally and covers all sectors, time range 20 years? Starting portfolio value $750,000 cash by the end of January. Also how would you intelligently step into these ETF's as the markets could be positioned for a correction sometime this year?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Steve on January 09, 2018

Q: Hi!
I'm a new investor who is interested mostly in ETFs and mutual funds. I'd like to diversify my portfolio by region (e.g. Canada, US, global, international, emerging).
I have some cash on hand that I would like to invest. However, given the ongoing bull market, I'm concerned about an imminent correction. I was wondering if you could suggest some places to invest. Is it safe to invest in international or emerging markets at this moment? Or should I keep my money in cash and wait for a correction?

Read Answer Asked by Jason on November 20, 2017