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Q: Im 71 years old. As I get older Ive tried to simplify my portfolio, going from about 50 stocks years ago, to my current portfolio of about 16 stocks, 3 ETFs and 15% cash.
I am a subscriber to your Portfolio Tracking and Analysis service and Im told I need to make changes to reach a suggested asset allocation and portfolio diversification. Right now Im tech, utilities and financial services heavy.

Heres what Id like to do:
The following set up gives me an allocation of 70% equities, 20 % bonds and 7% cash. Im comfortable with this and have gone through many 20 and 30% corrections in the past 30 years without too much despair.

In my Canadian cash account Id have CDZ, FTS, AQN.
Locked in RSP (LIRA) I would have AAPL, ZSP, ZEM.
Unlocked RIF I d have CLF, ZAG.
TFSA would have QQQ, ZEM, ZDI, CSU, TOI, SIS.
Id like cash around 8% of portfolio.

Im wondering if I have my portfolio diversification covered and if the right stocks or ETFs are in the appropriate accounts for best tax efficiencies?
Your input would really be helpful.

Read Answer Asked by Frank on June 10, 2021

Q: Good morning,

I am considering increasing my international exposure as per portfolio analytics and am stumped between ZDI and PID. Both hold a lot of the same investments. In fact 31 of the ZDI stocks are the same as PID holdings are the same, although not in equal proportion (roughly 44% ZDI to 34% PID - mostly due to fact that the PID strategy is close to equal weight investments). My current positions in both funds are 5% and 3.75%. I am looking at increasing either or combining. I also have a 4.75 % position in QEF which I feel is sufficient since I am not yet convinces ESG is the way to go.

Can I have your thoughts on PID vs ZDI ? Thank you for your valuable input.

Read Answer Asked by Roger on May 26, 2021
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