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Q: Good day
If I wanted to purchase ETFs instead of Mawer funds what would be the equivalent ETFs in Canada or the US

Read Answer Asked by Indra on October 01, 2020

Q: I am following up on a question asked by Gary on December 6, 2019.

I am also looking to find an international dividend growing ETF similar to VIGI. I am not looking for high dividends per se. I do not like many of the international dividend ETFs due to their often high exposure to financials (IGRO would fit in this category).

IQD looks promising, and its methodology appeals to me. I would appreciate your advice about the pros and cons of this fund, and why you gave it only a very tepid recommendation.

What are your top dividend growing ETFs, regardless of whether they are Canadian or US ETFs. Per your previous answers, I understand your top two choices are VIGI and IGRO. Do you have any others?

Thank you again for your insightful advice.

Read Answer Asked by Dale on February 07, 2020
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