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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am looking for US financial names to add to my existing exposures in PYPL, and V, Would you prefer the investment dealers or money center banks? Which names do you recommend in these sectors?

Read Answer Asked by SCOTT on May 27, 2021

Q: Am I missing any major sectors with these stock investments?
Where should I focus if I would like to ensure a diverse portfolio?
Are there any stocks that I should dump?

Read Answer Asked by grace on April 27, 2021

Q: Credit Suisse got beat up real bad with the current events/news. Would you say it's a buy at its current level? long term hold. (If not of interest, what bank in the USA would you recommend the most and how does it compare to lets say a TD or BNS which i already own). Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Michael on April 01, 2021

Q: Hi Guys,

I am retired and is looking for recommendations for 10 US and 10 CDN core stocks. Also an ETF or two for ex North American exposure.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Junor on March 23, 2021

Q: I am retired and would like a recommendation for 10 US and 10 Canadian core stocks. Also one or two ETFs for ex NA exposure.


Read Answer Asked by Junor on March 23, 2021

Q: Peter, if with the reopening there is a shift in interest from growth into value stocks which Cdn/US stocks are best positioned on the value side ? In the US would you include Berkshire on the value side due to it sweighting in the Financials etc ? Would you agree with the strategy to shift from growth to value ? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on March 09, 2021

Q: Hi,
Current tech holdings at 24% (which doesn't include AMZN, GOOG, FB - included them in consumer disc. and telecom). These three would add another 3% weight if included in tech. Are you comfortable at 24-27% tech for a growth investor?
I'm looking to trim my tech slightly and add to these sectors - Materials, Energy, Industrials, Financials. Looking for asset-heavy, cyclical, economically sensitive companies. What would be your top 2-3 growth picks in each four sectors (cdn or US) that will benefit with inflation, rising rates, and further economic opening? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on February 25, 2021

Q: I have a target allocation of 40-45% for total portfolio US exposure. Which ETFs would you suggest (either currency) to form the core of this allocation? Could you also please provide a handful of individual US picks to supplement. Aiming for long term growth with 20+ yr time horizon. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Matthew on February 17, 2021

Q: I have been lucky with MS which I accumulated during periods when many analysts seemed to misunderstand the poor thing. MS has become a full position. However when reviewing some analyses following MS’ recent results, opinions read as if they were written by bipolar CFAs. Views seem too divided for me to base a decision on. Is it time for me to trim MS —or best to ignore the noise and keep holding. Please do give your reasoning and I would appreciate very much your updating your response to my September 2, 2020 question on MS.

Read Answer Asked by Adam on January 22, 2021

Q: Howdy - Why didn't Warren buy some Stanley instead of Bank of America? Too small? So for exposure to US financials in the form of a sorta bank isn't MS better positioned than most with no loan default concerns and great exposure to wealth management (high net worth concentration?) Decent divi too. Why no 5i love for MS - is it the symbol of the stock matching what most associate with something horrible? Bothers me. Fondly, Ken

Read Answer Asked by Ken on September 14, 2020

Q: I am puzzled by your July 16, 2020 comments in response to a question on JPM vs. MS. You wrote “.... we would not consider them very different overall. JPM is significantly larger” ; “ business mix is very similar”. JPM and MS look different to me. MS has no retail business . MS has or will have an even larger presence in wealth management after its announced acquisition of eTrade. The deal was announced early 2020. The transaction has been approved and is expected to close before end of year 2020. Further, the above is an all-stock deal and although that affects capital structure, it should have little impact on MS’ debt level. However I may have missed things in which case your clarification would be welcome.
If I am correct: is MS a holding that is well worth adding to? I have a full allocation to US financials but hold only a modest position in MS. I am thinking of reducing BAC, OR another US banks and add to MS. My reasoning primarily: MS is not much exposed to loan losses; the brokerage and wealth management businesses seem poised for much growth in the US; its business model looks more attractive for the next two to 3 years. Would you agree or am I missing some important factors?

Read Answer Asked by Adam on September 02, 2020

Q: Hello Team,
May I have your thoughts on both Invesco and Lazard asAmerican Asset Management companies.
Both I believe have growth and the valuation has been blown out of proportion.
If not, would you recommend siding with Morgan Stanley or JP Morgan as the better choices.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Massimo on March 12, 2020