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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you suggest 5 beaten down, safe financial names with good long term prospects? Please include any relevant US companies that are available as EDRs. Thank-you.

Read Answer Asked by Alex on March 21, 2023

Q: Hello Peter,

How would you trade the collapse of SVB? Banks and Financial companies are taking a hit. Is it time to buy? If yes, what would you prefer- BAC,MS, BX? Or none of the above.
Do you think there is a contagion risk here?

Read Answer Asked by Rajiv on March 13, 2023

Q: Can you rank these banks, best to worst. With a buy sell or hold and an entry price.
How much downside risk is there to the stock price if there is a worse recession than expected? Buy now or wait and see how economy plays out in the next couple of months?


Read Answer Asked by Brian on February 23, 2023

Q: Hi Peter,

You had this qn on Jan. 23, 2023:

My sister wants to invest in 10 Canadian stocks that are relatively safe in terms of capital preservation but which offer possible dividend and growth . Hopefully the stocks would be in different sectors that you would recommend.

Now, for a 5 yr + time period, what 11 US quality stock from each sector would you recommend ?

Please deduct as many credits as necessary.

Thanks a million.

Read Answer Asked by RAY on February 23, 2023

Q: I own the above US Stocks in my RRSP. Please rate each one as a BUY, HOLD or SELL and the reasons for your Rating.

Read Answer Asked by ALNOOR on January 19, 2023

Q: Hi 5i happy new year! I believe its time to step into US perpetual preferred shares due to interest rates. I'm having problems finding these and I'm hoping you can help. Quality needs to be high to the highest as this is for my retirement. I am an advocate of diversification so please if you can have a few stable sectors listed, thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 09, 2023

Q: Can you please rank the above financial holdings by value, safety and growth. What would you recommend as a top US financial stock that has a significant moat?

Read Answer Asked by Grant on November 08, 2022

Q: All of these stocks have been hammered badly. Could you please provide your perspective on each of the listed financial services companies. Are they a buy, sell or hold? in what order would you buy? or would you not buy any of them and prefer something else in the same space. thanks

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on November 04, 2022

Q: Iím a Canadian invested with a dividend focused portfolio in my retirement account. Iíve help Morgan Stanley for a while and have more than a 20 percent loss. I started to wonder whether my holdings in Canadian banks gets me enough exposure to the Is capital markets (like through TD bank) that I should sell MS and maybe look for a U.S. alternative in tech or healthcare. Does TD or other Canadian banks have enough capital market exposure that moving my investment out of MS would make sense to improve diversification?

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on October 15, 2022

Q: I am looking for the "safest" dividend paying stocks to add to the above list that will help me weather the recession that according to most commentators will last well into 2023.
5 each from the US and Canada will be of great help.
Many Thanks

Read Answer Asked by John on October 11, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and staff,

On Sep. 13 I asked about possible new purchases, and one of the recommendations was UPST. So I'm looking at the chart and it looks like it's on a free fall for the last year, although it has stabilized recently.
I went back and checked on past Q&A and your view was not positive for UPST. You recommended AFRM over UPST and you mentioned that the fundamentals and potential have deteriorated.
I also checked and it appears that right now there are 2 Buys, 6 Holds and 1 underperform.
Just wondering what new information you have that would make this a buy.

As always thank you for your advice.


Read Answer Asked by Joe on September 15, 2022

Q: With the latest recession news I am considering some lowball offers for several companies and would appreciate your thoughts on my selections.
MSFT - $228 GOOG - $96 NVDA - $120 MS - $75 PANW $169
Would you change any of these selections or add a couple of others that you
think would be also great lowball possibilies. Ed in Montreal

Read Answer Asked by ed on September 15, 2022

Q: Hello 5i,

I have a tax loss to harvest in a non-register account with JPM after ex-div; hard to believe considering rates are rising and JPM is what I thought was the blue chip of blue chips. Financials sure are not well liked in the current environment. What would be a good substitute to buy? WFC or BAC or another US bank you might recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Dean on September 13, 2022

Q: I have a stake in one of these companies. Is it prudent to ad at this time and to what one and why. Also, I am starting to think that market timing is everything. You must time your investments and get out at times and maybe get back in at certain times. I think that not just buy and hold until you get Killed any more. I would appreciate tour thoughts and opinions. Thanks James

Read Answer Asked by JAMES on August 29, 2022