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Investment Q&A

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Q: Given the recent run up in certain semi conductor and chip stocks, would it be prudent to use an ETF such as SMH to better diversify risk right now if only one position available in a portfolio? Or, going the individual stock route, how would you rank the following in a moderate risk portfolio QCom, AVGO, TXN, NVID, AMD, SWKS, INTC?

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on November 15, 2021

Q: Can you please suggest a few US listed companies in the semiconductor space who should see price appreciation as we come out of the supply chain issues / chip shortage over the next 12-24 months. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Vineet on October 25, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Team - Are there any Canadian companies in the semi-conductor space that would be of interest to you, including start-up companies, suppliers of materials, and any potential companies on the horizon. I sold my shares in Photon Control some time ago and am looking for some kind of replacement on the Canadian side. If the U.S. is the only way to go in this field could you please suggest a couple of top picks. l already have Nvidia. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Rob on October 21, 2021

Q: Hi there,

I am looking to buy 10 software stocks and 10 stocks in the semiconductor space. I am seeking out high growth names. Would you be able to provide me with your top recommendations? Thank you kindly,


Read Answer Asked by Jason on October 18, 2021

Q: Hi,
I read an article called “The World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable” that appeared on the WSJ.

Apart from TDM, NVDA & INTEL, are there any others names in the industry that you could share or recommend?


Read Answer Asked by ilie on June 21, 2021

Q: I would like to add some coverage in semi conductors. What are your thoughts on these stocks? Is investing in the ETF a better bet? Any valuation concerns with SMH? Do you have other suggestions that are not overvalued?

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on December 22, 2020

Q: Hi, current in my portfolio of 13 stocks + 2 ETF I have some good performing stocks that are > 5% position, TXN is 10.3%, DIS is 8.40%, EWZS is 9.37% and ADM is 8.54%. 25% of my holdings are in TECH (3 stocks + 1 etf). Do you feel comfortable with keeping these stocks with current positions or could I trim it to reduce risk ? I don't have many exposure to financials and consumer cyclical sectors. Can you suggest me growth stocks in these 2 sectors in US and CAN ? In healthcare I have only ABBV, I would like to have other good options here for growth and medium risk. I have +20 years horizon.

Read Answer Asked by Clayton on November 27, 2020

Q: I have noticed a lot of insider selling lately and wonder whether these actions should raise concern. I note your previous response about individuals, even insiders, wanting to use some of the profits or rebalance their investment portfolio(among a couple of good reasons), but when four individuals in the same company start cashing in, should we, the ordinary investor be concerned. What is your current position on these names?- hold or adjust?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Peter on October 28, 2020

Q: Hi there,
looking for an addition for my us portfolio - am a bit of a value investor. Each of these stocks seem to be struggling of late but appear to be good long term investments. All with a bit of dividend and good growth prospects. If you had to choose one ( regardless of sector) which would it be here.

Read Answer Asked by kelly on October 29, 2019

Q: Hi there,

I inherited all 5 of these positions in my US portfolio and looking to reduce to 3. i am leaning to NVDA, AVGO and QCOM but I know very little about MCHP. I am also concerned about letting go of TXN given their role in converting analog to digital signals. YOur thoughts. I am looking for a balance of growth and a stable dividend.

Read Answer Asked by kelly on February 04, 2019

Q: I own both of the above and am still above water, but they are not holding up well in this current environment, so should I hold or move out.. If so do you think intc is worth pursuing or some other stock perhaps would be better going forward.
Another question HD is another stock similar position, what do you think buy,sell or hold. If buy what would you replace it with. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on February 12, 2018

Q: Hi 5i,

I hold the above in the semiconductor space. Do you think there is too much overlap or do they all serve separate markets. Would it make sense to keep all of the above or should I swap one of them out for AMAT? Would that give me better diversification? If so, which one?


Read Answer Asked by Wayne on January 26, 2018

Q: Hello Peter, I want to have a reasonable allocation to US industrials, including companies like UTX and Texas Instruments, those in the defence sector, etc. I'd like to do this via a well-priced ETF but am a bit lost in the growing ETF jungle. I already have small 2% positions in IWO and QQQ. To best gain exposure to the US industrial sector (including industrial technology stocks that are more economically sensitive), would you suggest I just add to these two ETFs, or can you suggest a better or more targeted one? (I do have a preference for Vanguard as a company, but that's not essential.) Thanks in advance!

Read Answer Asked by James on October 31, 2017