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Q: I hold these 2 US stocks in a well diversified CAN/US portfolio. They have not performed as well as many of their peers and I am wondering if they are "best of breed" and worth holding or if there are better opportunities for growth elsewhere. Could you please comment on the future prospects of these 2 stocks and if its best to keep them or redeploy the funds elsewhere. If redeploy, what would you recommend as replacements in the US, sector allocation aside with a focus on growth

Read Answer Asked by Scott on June 26, 2020

Q: Hello team,
Due to market conditions, noted exchange postponed the major indexes re-balancing, Tech is near 1/4 of S&P index,
1 What may effect the most sectors weighting post re-balancing? how does it work?
2 Earning season just kicked in, major tech earnings will be coming out next week, what's your predictions for the tech sector in general?

Read Answer Asked by LEI on April 17, 2020

Q: Good morning,

I have some cash to add to 3 new US technology positions. I am looking for growth, and I am comfortable with volatility. Looking out 5 years what would be your favourites from the list above at current valuations. Any concerns with the list above? I already own MSFT, SQ, RPD, DOCU, AYX. If you have other suggestions please do share. Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 15, 2020
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