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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can I have your comments on microns earnings and guidance and how that may bode for other chip stocks? I also own Nvda, mrvl and amd and am down on all. Thanks.


Read Answer Asked by Jason on July 05, 2022

Q: I sold NVDA to accrue a tax loss and I can now buy it back. You were extremely high on the company 12 - 18 months ago but you have been naming other semi-conductor companies lately - QCOM and AMD specifically when asked about the sector. Have you cooled on NVDA and should I just stay with my proxy, AMD, or I am splitting hairs here and would you be comfortable with returning to NVDA for the long term?

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.

Read Answer Asked by Paul on June 21, 2022

Q: Hi 5iTeam,

Would you please recommended 3 beaten down stocks (regardless of sectors) in both Canadian and US markets with significant potential upside for a 3-year hold. Please rank them in order of buyability.


Read Answer Asked by Harry on June 20, 2022

Q: In what order would you buy them today for 3 years?

On separate note, I am wondering when 5I started and how long I am member.
It was exciting ride over many years and without your help I would not survive.

Thank you for great service.

Read Answer Asked by Milan on June 17, 2022

Q: Further to Neil's question on May 9, can you list some tech/growth stocks that are looking good at current prices? I would like to start nibbling away with the understanding prices could go lower but with the 30% decline in Nasdaq from high, we must be getting close to the bottom here. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terry on May 13, 2022

Q: for an 18 year old buying TFSA of 6 000, summer work earnings, but not needing money for a long time, probably targeting first home buy 10 + years down the road (education covered) what would you suggest if ETF, 3 suggestions please. Also, plan B, basket of 5 growth stocks, (being 18, she is interested in apple, alphabet, amazon and Microsoft)


Read Answer Asked by Ernest on May 13, 2022

Q: Good day team,

I know that you always suggest trading/buying into positive momentum but if you were to choose some stocks (regardless of sectors), on both the CDN and US sides, what would they be? As we are all aware, there is a lot of red out there in certain sectors.

Read Answer Asked by Seamus on May 13, 2022

Q: I'm thinking of a Covered Call strategy on dividend paying US stocks. I know the dividends are treated differently in Canada, but I wanted stocks that offered weekly call options.

Are there any suggestions you have?

Read Answer Asked by Gregory on May 12, 2022

Q: Hi group please what would be your 3 top picks along with brief explanation (in order of preference) in Canada + US regardless of sectors and risk.

2 nd question - We are in heap of trouble due to inflation +geo political concerns + and so on. Do you recommending selling some higher risk growth / Tech stocks into this weakness. Is it time to reduce stock holdings generally? I realize you do not have a crystal bowl but you comments are requested thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on April 25, 2022

Q: What would be your top 5 US picks based on current value and long term growth?

Thanks as always.


Read Answer Asked by Kevin on April 20, 2022

Q: Hi 5i,

Looking for additional exposure in the semi-conductor market. I currently already have a 3% weighting in NVDA. I am looking to potential start a position in AMD or INTC.

Your previous answers to questions suggest you favour AMD (after NVDA) given the companies recent execution.

However, INTC seems to be turning a corner with there plans to build new plants in Arizona in the next few years and change in management. Based on its current valuation (cheap compared to AMD) the current tailwinds of 'on shoring' it seems to me a compelling buy compared to AMD.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate all you do.

Read Answer Asked by GREGORY on April 11, 2022

Q: I have a large position n nvda and think I should try to pair it down but it is very difficult to find fault with it going fwd. qcom is in a reasonable position. My question what would u suggest to replace a portion of nvda should I decide to sell some. Thanks as always.0

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on March 28, 2022

Q: I am looking to start a position in the semiconductor sector given the recent pull back. What stocks would you favour today and why or would you suggest an ETF? Please rank them from best to least.


Read Answer Asked by Douglas on March 14, 2022

Q: Hello 5I,
Could you list from more appealing to least appealing? And then at what price you would buy.

Read Answer Asked by Tyler on March 02, 2022