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Q: After reading your past replies to questions regarding STM, I wonder if you can update your opinion based on news and events since your replies in March and May? The price is higher now but have you also seen increased reasons for investors to look at this? Would it be a worthy buy today or something to wait on and buy only in the event of a pullback?

Assuming you like it, could you compare and contrast the risk and reward between this and something like SMCI? Which would you expect to do better and why?


Read Answer Asked by Tim on July 20, 2023

Q: Hi there,

I'd like to own 8 companies listed in the USA (but not necessarily USA based companies). The holding period can be 5 - 10 years or more as I am many years from retirement. I would like to focus on companies that have a moat and pricing power and strong earnings growth now and anticipated future earnings growth.

I am leaning towards an oil company, an insurance company, a resource company, a semi conductor or 'tech' stock, and the financial services industry. I want to avoid stocks de jour as I got badly burned this year in things like upstart, apps, and unity, although I understand that upstart may benefit from AI and I am open to considering that one as well.

I am considering: Abbv, Lnth, Sanofi, ISRG, Visa, Fisv, Nvda, STmicroelectronics NV, Sea Limited, Meli, and Anet, Mckesson Corp, Oxy or COP, among others.

I am not asking for a full report on any of the names above, just trying to throw a few names out that I was looking at. I am also open to etfs.

What would be your top 8 picks (not necessarily the ones I've mentioned)? I am okay with risk. Thank you,


Read Answer Asked by Jason on March 31, 2023
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