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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hello Peter,

We are seeking advice on how to play the infastructure game now that Biden confirmed on Sunday that it is a stand-alone deal. We are light on Steel, Industrials, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Transportation, Materials, and 5G. We have some green energy with BEP.UN & AQN. We will reshuffle the deck by reducing Tech stocks to accommodate the shift.

Can you rank the following stocks in the categories 1st to last and add any other stocks that may be a better choice than those listed
Steel: RS, NUE, SCHN
Industrials: DD, HON (+ any other suggestions)
Aerospace: LMT, BA
Transportation: WSP, TFII, UNP, CNR, CP (+ any other suggestions)
Materials: CX (+ any other suggestions)
Manufacturing: (suggestions please)

My last question is ask your opinion of the top 8 stocks (please rank) for the infastructure deal regardless of the sector.

Thank you for your great service.

Debbie and Jerry

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on June 28, 2021

Q: Hi 5i , 5G: Can you please pick the best 3 of these Co., best first.
thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Fernando on February 08, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,

Nokia is getting hammered this morning for missing expectations. Do you see this as an opportunity to buy in at this price point or should I steer clear until the new CEO has had more time to make impact? Do you prefer Ericsson in light of their earnings report last week, both, or neither at current prices?



Read Answer Asked by Curtis on October 30, 2020

Q: I am looking at making another investment in the 5g space. I currently own Qualcomm and have done very well partly due to your disposition to this company. Thank you.
I am now trying to choose between Nokia and Ericcson.
What would be your preference between the two and why.

Read Answer Asked by Thomas on June 15, 2020

Q: Read u comments on Oct 3,in summary,no big rush to own it as the negatives outweight the positives. In light of the recent events,please provide u updated comments as I am considering to establish a position.HuaWei,(not listed) beat its main competitors,ERIC & NOK in the 5G sector by a wide margin.However USA is pressuring the rest of the world not to use Hua Wei for national security reasons.On 18,rumour that China is exerting pressure on Germany over Hua Wei.On Oct 19,Greenland picks ERIC over Hua Wei.Also ERIC announced that it is teaming up with MSFT for next generation of connected cars On Oct 20,announced that it is increasing its credit facilities to US$150m,of which $98m is to repay existing loan & balance for 5G research. ERIC was doing nicely prior to Oct 19 when it dropped 0.40 to $8.80 from $9.20.On Oct 20,it initially declined but closed unchanged @ $8.80. Its Q results since Q1,2016 were inconsistent .But Q3 reported on Oct 17/19 showed EPS of 0.18, beating estimates by 157.14%.Are there any US firms entering the 5G sector? Looking forward to u usual great views & services .Merry Xmas & All the Best to 2020 to all.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on December 30, 2019

Q: Good Morning: Recognizing that this company is not in your normal area of operation, I would still appreciate your opinion in terms of the current investability and outlook for it. An analyst on BNN suggested that it really only has Nokia as a publicly traded competitor in its 5G space and is therefore of interest. As best as I can determine its debt is not out of line and it's share price is reasonable value, although revenue seems to be declining recently. Your comments are appreciated. Don

Read Answer Asked by Donald on October 03, 2019