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Q: HI,

I'm interested in resource stocks that have long term demand - five years or more. Unlike oil/gas stocks that I'm told are too cyclical for long term holds. What resource or resources - copper, steel, uranium, aluminum, fertilizer, etc. - do you feel is reasonably safe and can you suggest some ways to play it in both Canada and the US?


Read Answer Asked by Graeme on March 25, 2022

Q: Read your answer to Ken's question dated Feb 25, 2022 to STLC question. You answered "..with the pricing discrepancy on the basis of hedging through the use of futures, management noted significantly lower prices for steel, which will dampen revenues." Looking at the charts for US steel companies: where NUE and RS hit new highs and X rose 10.45% on Friday. I would have thought this price action would also be reflected in Canadian steel companies (ie: STLC, RUS) based on "A tide rises all boats" theory. However this was not the case on Friday. Is hedging and/or steel tariffs the reason? Or maybe something else? Thank you your insight.

Read Answer Asked by Karen on March 01, 2022
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