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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi,
I am under weight in both international and fixed income.
I have US$ cash in both my RSRP and TFSA that I'd like to invest in these areas.
Can you recommend some US$ ETF's.
Much appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by Camille on January 15, 2024
Q: Can you recommend some Value ETFs for Canada, US and International. Ideally looking for ETFs with reasonable MERs.
Read Answer Asked by Grant on July 19, 2023
Q: Hi Guys,

I am retired and is looking for recommendations for 10 US and 10 CDN core stocks. Also an ETF or two for ex North American exposure.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Junor on March 23, 2021
Q: My wife and I have recently retired and we have enough from CPP, OAS, and a company pension to cover our basic needs. We are bring over about 650K from an investment company that we are not happy with. With that money I would like to earn about 4% in dividend income to pay for vacations, and extras for us. I am thinking of taking 400K and investing it in your income portfolio and 250K in 3 or 4 dividend paying international funds. What are you thoughts? Could you also recommend a few US and International dividend paying ETF's. Thanks for all of your help.
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on October 04, 2018
Q: Hi,
For some reason on the 5i site and on Globe Investor, I can't find the ISHARES MSCI EAFE VAL IND ETF (EFV). It trades on the US BATS exchange. I hold it in my TD Waterhouse account and I can find it on Google Finance. Is there something unusual about a BATS listing, as in, not all companies carry BATS holdings? Should I be selling EFV and replacing it with something more mainstream?
Many thanks, Michael
Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 11, 2017