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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi Peter,
I do not have any basic materials in my portfolio and have very little knowledge in this category. Do you recommend looking into having a few EFTs to cover this or dive directly into some stocks?

With whichever suggestion you have, would you please provide me a list of your perferred EFTs or companies to invest and rank them from your very best to best in terms of security (less voltility) and returns.

Many thanks,
Read Answer Asked by Roger on November 28, 2022
Q: Is PDBC a good hedge against inflation and would you recommend it ? What is the dividend with PCBC ? The information on my TD acct. and your website are very different. Are there eff's that provide the same commodity exposure that pay monthly or quarterly dividends that you would endorse. Thanks for your help.
Read Answer Asked by Ian on July 25, 2022
Q: Hi,

I have no materials in my portfolio although lots of oil. Can u recommend two US and two CDN ETFs OR companies that you think should do well without too much volatility?
Read Answer Asked by Graeme on March 01, 2022
Q: I am looking for basic material exposure in either ZMT XBM XMA XLB or VAW. What would be your pick for a comeback in basic material.
Read Answer Asked by James on July 16, 2020
Q: More and more analyst seems to believe we’ll have a not so bad start of 2020 finally. Industrial signals have been weak, but it appears to have a good chance for a come back. What do you think of a 5% position in vaw, because material (chemicals among others) have been underperforming as a way to play a recovery of the general industrial sector. Rest of the portfolio is well balanced.
Read Answer Asked by Olivier on November 22, 2019
Q: Goodmorning5i,
Still working on the advice given for portfolio analytics. I am short on both US content and the basic materials asset class. You do not mention a diversifier etf for that category. But, i am more inclining towards eft's in adjusting the portfolio. Would it be wise to get a US eft in this category, or better to stay with Canada, perhaps even individual stocks?
Read Answer Asked by joseph on May 01, 2019
Q: Good Morning: I sent this question in last week but am assuming it got lost in cyberspace somehow. I am looking for a recommendation on a materials etf since I am very light in this space. My only holding at the moment is BHP. Also, is this a space that you would consider it necessary or important to have some exposure to at this time or in the near future. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Donald on January 03, 2018
Q: I am considering buying VAW Vanquard Materials on the premise that material stocks should do well with upcoming infrastructure spending both in Canada & the US. Would you agree and if so, would there be an Canadian ETF you would prefer or another US ETF? With thanks, Bill
Read Answer Asked by William J on June 10, 2016