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Q: Hello Folks:
With increasing inflation of grocery bills, do you have suggestions on how to play this situation. I am thinking an ETF representing a bundle of basic food items or individual companies providing inputs such as Agrium?
Thank you brian

Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 14, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
As part of my continuing education could you explain something for me, and also answer a question re ETFs.?
In looking over DOL I notice that in its last 11 quarters it beat expectations 6 times and missed 5 times. Two days after all 6 of those beats the share price fell, sometimes substantially, and two days after all 5 of those misses the share price rose, sometimes substantially. I've also noticed this same dynamic at work with other companies. It seems counter-intuitive to me and I wonder if there's an explanation that's widely applicable for why the share price would move up on a miss and down on a beat. (Maybe it has to do with 2 days after a quarterly report being too short a period to draw any conclusions from, but if that's the case why would the two day movement be recorded and reported in the first place - by CIBC Investor's Edge in this case?)
And second question - could you identify what you think are the best CDN ETFs holding consumer defensive names?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on October 04, 2021
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