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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello, I would like your opinion of HCRE versus ZRE and XRE. Avantages include the lower MER (0,33%) and no taxable distribution in a cash account, but it has a low trading volume. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Martin on January 12, 2024
Q: I am woefully underexposed to the real estate sector.
Could you please identify your top 3 Canadian stocks, REITS and ETF's which one might play for the impending interest rate cuts in 2024?

Read Answer Asked by JEFF on December 04, 2023
Q: Income account needs some diversification. Was looking at REITs and pref's. In today's environment which would be your favored ETF's for income and some possible growth? Thanks Ron
Read Answer Asked by Ronald on August 22, 2023
Q: I listed in descending order securities that under performed since their 2022 highs. Please rank the securities in order of the best chance to recover their losses when we get back to the risk on mode. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Richard on July 25, 2023
Q: With utilities and real estate under pressure these days, can you recommend 4 choices in each sector for a conservative investor with a 10 year time line interested in income with some capital appreciation. Please include 2 ETFs and 2 companies in each sector.
Read Answer Asked by Leonard on June 21, 2023
Q: Could you pls provide ETFs for dividend and capital growth over the next 12 months for each of:
Communications Services, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financial, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Real Estate, and Utilities?
Read Answer Asked by Ron on June 19, 2023
Q: If you were to consider 5 sector ETFs based on current price and future prospects, what would they be?

Please recommend your favourite ETF for each on the TSX unless it's only available in USD.

Would the beaten down USA sector (eg. XUU) be part of your thinking?

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on January 31, 2023
Q: Would you buy any Cdn REITs at this point...and if yes, what 3 (and in what order) would you buy at current prices.? Thank you as always for your great insight.
Read Answer Asked by Douglas on January 26, 2023
Q: Hello 5i team,
I currently have XRE for real estate coverage in my TFSA for income. I was thinking of switching over to ZRE since it gives a slightly better payout.

I was wondering if there is any advantage for either of these ETFs? Aside from stock purchase limitations (XRE is capped, ZRE is equal weight), does one hold a better real estate portfolio overall?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on December 23, 2022
Q: I hate asking market timing questions as much as you hate answering them but...I have always been a bit light on real estate and am wondering if now is a OK time to add a position in either xre or zre. Second question: You have XRE in the income portfolio, today would you stick with XRE or I was looking at ZRE that has outperformed XRE recently. My concern about timing is with rising interest rates and the jittery markets that I might be better off just parking in the banks or consumer deffensive and worrying about real estate in a few years,
Read Answer Asked by Tom on September 23, 2022
Q: I'm looking for some inflation protection via investing in REITs and came across RQI and ICF. I'm trying to determine the difference between these two. They appear to have similar holdings, yet the payout appears to be quite different. In a response to someone's question back in May you mentioned that RQI's payout is taxed quite a bit more than a Canadian dividend - even if held within an RRSP, which by the way is where I would plan to hold it. Is it the same case for ICF ?

Which would be the better buy? Or is better to stick to a similar Canadian alternative?
Read Answer Asked by James on September 14, 2022
Q: Hi 5i,
I gather from your answers to the few questions that have been asked about it that you are not great fans of IDR for real estate exposure, and my initial question is basically why and what should I be concerned about?
If I'm reading the information correctly, IDR's 10 year growth rate (2011 - 2021) is 167%, with YTD sitting at 29%. It's annual yield meanwhile is 5.60% (or more) and it is diversified through holding residential, industrial and retail REITs in Canada (67%), USA (24%) and the UK (2%).
Could one potentially do better and risk less through holding individual REITs instead of the basket afforded by IDR and, if so, which ones would you recommend for the real estate portion of a portfolio in the current economic climate?
Read Answer Asked by Peter on December 09, 2021
Q: Hi 5i, I started my stock market investing in March 2020 in order to get 'skin in the game'. I am a daily learner whose investing personality is that of an 'individualist'. I have determined my investing goal to be for income (mostly through dividends) and growth (for capital appreciation). I have found lately that my risk tolerance feels lower due to increasing volatility, talk of market decline/crash, increasing inflation, shortages, rising rates etc. As a result I would like to cash in the individual stocks I own that have given me good capital appreciation and replace them with ETF's and/or Index Funds. Income and growth plus diversification to my portfolio is my objective here. Since I hold more than enough physical precious metals and an emergency stash in US dollars I feel I have enough insurance/hedge against a worst case scenario happening in the economy. Please comment on these following ETF's. I am also open to other suggestions you might have as well. Please note that my entire TFSA is in my brokerage account so taxes are not an issue for me. Thanks

ZCN BMO S&P/TSX Composite Index
CIC CI First Asset Canadian Bank Income Class
ZWB BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks
RIT CI First Asset Canadian Banks
ZDV BMO Canadian Dividend
CDZ iShares Canadian Aristorcrats
XRE iShares Capped REIT
XEC Emerging Markets ETF

P.S. I assign an equal dollar amount for each investment in my portfolio. The ETF part of my portfolio are for long term holds.
Read Answer Asked by Lucy on November 02, 2021
Q: Hi Team,
Could you suggest Canadian ETFs of the following sectors for Senior incomes :
1 /Reit 2/ Utility 3/Prefer 4/Bank/Financial 5/Energy.
Please deduct as many question credit as needed.
Thanks as always,
Read Answer Asked by Tak on October 12, 2021