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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: My wife and I, retirees, are considering adding a real estate ETF to our portfolio, to hold in TFSAs. You commented that ZRE has an equal weighting in REITS and is more diversified than XRE (that has a 30% weighting in RioCan and H&R). ZRE has a slightly higher distribution % that appeals. My question is on safety of capital. I perceive Rio Can and H&R to be high quality REITs versus say an Artis or Cominar that have a higher weighting in XRE. Which of the two ETFs would you consider safer, or is it a coin toss between the two? Thank you for your comments

Read Answer Asked by Edward on May 17, 2017

Q: In the REIT sector I currently own ZRE & XRE. I am moving my REITS to my RRSP due to the tax implications ( ie no Dividend Tax Credit ). 1)
1) What are you favourite investments in this sector ?
2) Do you see a need to own individual REITS as opposed to an ETF?

Thank you.


Read Answer Asked by paul on January 09, 2017

Q: Hello 5i team,

Which ETF is best suited for a long term hold (30 yrs) in a TFSA that will be DRIPPED and contributed to annually. I like the equal weight positions of ZRE but with a higher MER of .61% over the long term it seems the fee's could really start corroding my capital. VRE is the cheapest but also has the smallest yield and is market cap weighted. Is it possible BMO could lower these fee's in the future to stay competitive? I would eventually like to draw income from the holding.

Always appreciate the you insights

Read Answer Asked by Keith on October 13, 2016

Q: I have no REITS in my portfolio and since I do my own taxes I like to keep things simple and did read that it better to hold REITS in an RRSP account if you don't want to be bother with return on capital, etc. I am wondering if I have no room in my RRSP would it be okay to put in my TFSA? I am looking at ZRE and XRE which one you prefer and CSH.UN or is just one index fund good enough.


Read Answer Asked by on September 27, 2016

Q: Good Morning 5I team, I have been building a cash position and would like your opinion on these stocks/etf to add to a mostly buy and hold dividend generating portfolio.

Read Answer Asked by STEVE on August 29, 2016

Q: I currently hold BPY (up 50% over cost) and H&R in my portfolio 4% and 3% respectively.
I am considering swapping BPY for BEP for the additional income. Your thoughts?

I also plan to crystallize my capital losses and purchase the following ETFs:
Non registered:
ZPW US Put Write
ZWE Europe Covered Call hedged to CAD.
ZWH US covered call
CPD CAD preferred

Registered (RRIF):
PGX:US Preferred.

Each would constitute 2% - 3% of my portfolio. Diversification is my intention, but risk and surety of income is the primary consideration in all of the above noted.

Again, your thoughts.

Thank you for considering my questions


Read Answer Asked by Gail on August 02, 2016

Q: BMO US Put Write(ZPW)
BMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CAD(ZWE)
PowerShares Preferred Portfolio(PGX:US)
BMO Laddered Preferred Share Index(ZPR)
BMO US High Dividend Covered Call(ZWH)
BMO Equal Weight REITs Index(ZRE)
iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index(CPD)
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index(XRE)
BMO Covered Call Dow Jones Industrial Average Hedged CAD(ZWA)
iShares Convertible Bond Index(CVD)
BMO Canadian Dividend(ZDV)
Above are ranked as to yield - high to low. Can you rank as to risk - high to low?
Thank you for considering my question
G. Reynolds

Read Answer Asked by Gail on July 18, 2016

Q: Like others, I hold a number of REITs, mainly for income. I'm increasingly concerned how the value of these would be effected when Canadian real estate corrects.

I'd like to know how much would you expect the price of REITs (in general, ofcourse) to change if there is a hard landing for real estate in Canada (say a correction of 30%). Perhaps an estimate with respect to Industrial, Commercial and Apartment style REITs.

Read Answer Asked by Cameron on June 21, 2016

Q: Hi,

I am looking to replace ZRE in my non-registered accounts with 2 - 3 REITs. I am trying to adopt a best-in-class approach, versus holding the "basket". Do you have any suggestions for best-in-class REITs, that will hopefully endure as best-in-class (versus a flavour of the month)?

Second question (please don't hesitate to deduct another credit): I am not quite sure what constitutes best-in-class but would guess a promising growth profile, strong management, manageable risks, and a reasonable distribution. Am I missing something? What do you look for or consider important when evaluating a REIT as a stand-out, best-in-class? Or are they generally all the same?



Read Answer Asked by Derek on June 20, 2016

Q: Hi,

I am looking to buy some REITs. I would prefer to own a few (4-5) rather than purchase an etf. Which names do you have a preference for? Also, should I follow the supposedly conventional wisdom to buy only after we see a hike in interest rates? Also, since the Vancouver and Toronto seem saturated, is it best to look for exposure in other cities?

Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by Cameron on June 20, 2016