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Q: I have a ? on ISHARES overall holdings approach. I am not a big ETF holder but own a 3% position in FIE. I am in the annual review process and was surprised to see the top two holdings of the fund are other ISHARE products, making up almost 30% of their holding. Is this typical with iShares investing so much with their own product. Its not giving me the level of bank and insurance company investment I would of thought. CPD makes up about 20% and I already hold a 2% holding in that fund. Your view please.

Read Answer Asked by James on June 20, 2019

Q: Please provide a comparison on CPD,FIE, and XTR. My objective is dividend income and security. Can all 3 be owned ? If not which do you prefer ? Or provide a better choice ?
Many thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Luc on April 18, 2019
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