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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Please list the above in order of preference. Would all three, equally weighted, be sufficient for a conservative portfolio? Two of three?

Read Answer Asked by Paul W on February 11, 2021

Q: For a conservative investor, how much overlap is there in a portfolio comprised of xtr, zmi, pinc, and vrif? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Paul W on February 09, 2021

Q: Hi, I currently have a BMO monthly income Mutual fund. I wish to replace it with an etf to reduce the fees. I am looking for an etf that pays monthly income, has the potential for some growth and a low mer. You have been a proponent of XTR before but would like to see if there are any others you think might be worth while. Maybe zmi. If you can suggest a canadian etf and an international etf that has some good diversification in different sectors.

Read Answer Asked by pietro on February 05, 2021

Q: Hello 5i
This is a mixed bag inquiry. Looking for some perspectives on the above watch list. I m wanting to increase my overall US & tech sector exposure plus add to my CDN financials. All positions have yield income to weather the storm for the next few quarters
I m considering half positions (2%) in each.

Read Answer Asked by Brant on March 13, 2020

Q: My wife has this mutual fund with a 2% MER, very little growth and a small dividend. Would you kindly suggest a couple of replacements (ETF or Index fund or Mutual fund) with a similar risk level and sector coverage but without the high MER.
Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by TOM on January 29, 2020

Q: Two questions: One, would you consider ZMI as "fixed income" for that part of my portfolio? Or is there too much of an equity component? Second, so many ETFs have a return of capital; when the fund reports a yield, does this include the roc? If so, isn't that reported yield misleading? Is there a way to learn what the actual yield ( ie without my own capital) being included? Thanks for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on November 19, 2019

Q: whats are your top 5 income etfs hedged Canadian Thanks Barry

Read Answer Asked by BARRY on August 14, 2019

Q: Could you please recommend 3 or 4 Monthly income ETF’s for a portfolio amount of $100,000 for a retired couple. We would divide the etf’s equally. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Sharron on June 18, 2019

Q: Can you advise as to a hands off type of income fund or etf that is most likely not to return capital.should these be avoided to have a more accurate income with less year end adjustment for tax purposes? Do you think the vanguard ones as per vbal would most likely do this?I have held xtr in the past and it does need to ret.cap. to keep up with the high yield. Any reflection on this and suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Larry on July 23, 2018

Q: Dear 5i team: would you rate any other products out there etf's or mutual funds that you may find as a better option as a monthly payer or a total return type product for a retired investment? Or are these as good as any except of course a group of individual stocks.thanks Larry

Read Answer Asked by Larry on January 15, 2018

Q: Hello Peter, Ryan and crew.

I am retired and rely on investment income of about 4% dividends/interest. Because I no longer wish to take the time necessary to monitor 50 stocks and 10 bonds, I have been looking for some good income funds or ETFs to replace the individual stocks and bonds that I currently own. The ones I have found have distributions that meet my needs, but do not appear to have the underlying earnings yield to justify the distribution yield, so they appear to be paying me back some of my own money every month. Can you recommend some income funds or ETFs that pay out at least 4% and actually earn what they distribute? Like 5i, I am also sensitive to fees.

I have been a 5i member since the beginning and I continue to be impressed by your knowledge and insight as well as the continuous improvements in the service.

I wish everyone at 5i all the best in the New Year.


Read Answer Asked by Hans on December 31, 2017

Q: I'm seeking your view in regards to my grand kids RESP's. One is now 11 and the other is 16. I have been fully contributing over the years and using a growth with small div selection method. I have good 20% plus returns overall. Last year was very good. ECI,ENF,BRE, SIA,DIV, AND CHE.UN are equally weighted holdings. As the older one approaches graduation should I be starting to ease up on stocks and using forward years contributions more on ETF's and less risk oriented holdings. I cannot really bring myself to using bonds at this time. I do want to protect what I have gained for him.Something like a ZUT,or ZPR for this year as opposed to another stock perhaps. Thanks as always guys

Read Answer Asked by James on January 17, 2017