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Q: There are a number of ETFs offered which has a policy of using Options of up to 30% of the investment. The management fees in general is higher as it attempts to provide higher yield as well as Capital gains. As I have a few of these funds in various accounts, where can I find how much are they making in Options, Dividends and Capital gains. Will appreciate the source of such information in general for these kinds of ETFs.
Read Answer Asked by Ritwik on December 04, 2023
Q: I am an income investor. I believe that umax and zwu are similar.

Would umax (14% yield) not be preferred to zwu at 8.2%

Same for qmax (11.8%) vs. txf at 8.3%

thank you for your comments

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on November 23, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,
I hope you might help with my education ...
I have trouble getting my mind around the concept and basis for owning hedged vs unhedged. I know it has to do with currency valuations but beyond that I'm afraid I don't really understand it.
As a real world example to work off, I've owned TXF (the hedged version) for a long time and have noticed that it's pretty consistently been out-performed by its unhedged counterpart, TXF.B. I bought some TXF.B thinking to at least even things up and ironically since then the hedged version has been doing somewhat better.
My problem is that I really don't understand the mechanics of how it works, and why hedged is better in some circumstances but not in others - and even what those circumstances are.
I know hedging is something i should understand better, and I hope you can give me a primer, even though it's likely a pretty basic concept and also likely not that difficult to understand. I just seem to have a block and don't feel like I've grasped the concept or the important factors to consider when thinking about it.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on July 31, 2023
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