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Q: Hi 5i,
I have a few of questions about a few tech ETF's - please deduct as many points as you think appropriate.
In comparing XIT to TXF.B I note that XIT has a better 5 year annualized return (16.03% to 7.87%) but TXF.B has outperformed XIT over the past 3 year annualized period by 10.23% to 8.38%. In addition, TXF.B pays a very healthy distribution (over 9% annually) while XIT pays none. And then finally, XIT is all Canadian and has over 75% of its NAV wrapped up in 4 names - CSU, SHOP, CGI and OTEX.
All that being the case, I wonder:
Is XIT too dependent on just a few names that are all in one geography to have the safety one expects (hopes for at least) in an ETF, both looked at in isolation and also when compared to a name like TXF.B?
XIT obviously hit it big with those 4 names (and especially CSU I'd think) but is its good return likely to continue into the future with so much reliance on so few contributors, all of which are in Canada?
Is there a site that does the hard work of comparing the actual returns of ETFs by analyzing the combination of capital gain combined with the contribution of distributions so that it's possible to get a true idea of the performance of an ETF like TXF.B with its 9% /year distribution compared to XIT's zero payout? and finally:
Between a hedged ETF like TXF vs an unhedged ETF like TXF.B which have identical holdings, which would you expect to do better over the next 3 years or so, and why? I note that unhedged TXE.B has outperformed hedged TXF over the past number of years, and I wonder if you think this trend will continue.
Thanks 5i, I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on April 10, 2023
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