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Q: I have owned and been happy with this fund for several years now. Now I see it is involved in an ETF merger and "objective change with Wisdom tree. I am not clear on the funds status as it is not shown as a "terminating ETF" continuing as a new ETF, But is listed as an "objective change etf in the voting sheet. Does this fund carry on with the same name and ticker for trading? If the vote is not approved is it to be terminated as part of the "terminating etf's? Finally are the objective changes enough to hurt or help the funds prospects going forward? As always Thanks for the great service you provide.

Read Answer Asked by James on March 02, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
This may well be 4 questions, so please deduct points accordingly.
Portfolio Analytics indicates that I'm underweight in Communications Services, Consumer Defensive, Industrials and Consumer Cyclical, and I'd like to top up these sectors.
I try to be a balanced investor and like income, but I don't mind taking on more risk and little or no income on something with a solid premise. Especially right now I'm looking for companies that are poised to benefit from the return to (more or less) normal life that 2021 might bring.
My present Communications Services weight all comes from the following ETFs - TXF, ZDI, DISC and ZWU. Can you provide a few Canadian equities to look at in this sector at this time, other than the big four?
My present Consumer Defensive weight comes mostly from NWC, with a smidgeon from ETFs like ZFI and DISC. Are there two or three Canadian equities in this sector you'd currently recommend looking at?
My present Industrials weight is in FTG (which I'd be happy to sell unless you think it has the potential for recovery in the coming year), QST and XBC. Are there another two or three Canadian names you presently favor in this sector?
And finally, my only Consumer Cyclical other than whatever might be in the listed ETFs is NFI (although I'd have thought it would properly be classified as an Industrial). Again, could you recommend two or three Canadian equity names that might qualify as viable Consumer Cyclical holdings going forward?
Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 06, 2021
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