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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have a relatively small RESP portfolio that will have to change to an RRIF. I would like the RRIF to be able to generate enough dividends to cover the required withdrawals. If that is possible. Can you tell me your top ten highest dividend-paying Canadian companies or maybe even better ETFs or a combination that you would be comfortable owning?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by David on March 15, 2022

Q: Am looking to invest in a Canadian Dividend ETF.
I have researched the above ETF's, they all have pros & cons.
Am leaning slightly towards VDY at this point.
Criteria: Will be in a non-registered account, am after monthly dividend income with
some moderate growth potential. Am not overly concerned with a high weighting in financials, ideally would have a lower MER but am after solid 3-5 year growth.
If forced to choose one only, which ETF would you recommend?
Thanks for the great service,

Read Answer Asked by STEVEN on November 11, 2021

Q: My daughter is 27 years old and is looking to invest around $35,000 as her first investment. She is considering investing 40% in Canadian equities (ZLB, PDC, and XRE), 50% in US Equities (VUS and DXU), and 10% in International Equities (FCIQ and VEE).

As an initial investment, does this balance seem reasonable or would you have other recommendations? Is this sufficiently diversified or are there too many funds?

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Geoff on April 23, 2020

Q: Because I cannot contribute new funds to my LIRA, I have a number of high-yield stocks to generate income that can be reinvested in growth. Full position in PDC for diversification and smoothing effect, half position in everything else. How safe are these utility and REITs dividends with 7-9.5 % yields? Alternative suggestions for 10 year plus strategy? (Please deduct as many credits as required)

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on February 01, 2018

Q: Hello Peter, Ryan and crew.

I am retired and rely on investment income of about 4% dividends/interest. Because I no longer wish to take the time necessary to monitor 50 stocks and 10 bonds, I have been looking for some good income funds or ETFs to replace the individual stocks and bonds that I currently own. The ones I have found have distributions that meet my needs, but do not appear to have the underlying earnings yield to justify the distribution yield, so they appear to be paying me back some of my own money every month. Can you recommend some income funds or ETFs that pay out at least 4% and actually earn what they distribute? Like 5i, I am also sensitive to fees.

I have been a 5i member since the beginning and I continue to be impressed by your knowledge and insight as well as the continuous improvements in the service.

I wish everyone at 5i all the best in the New Year.


Read Answer Asked by Hans on December 31, 2017

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team, In today's question from Albert, where would ZLB fit into the mix? I realize that it has a lower yield than PDC, but a better long-term record than it or CDZ. Your thoughts? As always, the advice I receive from 5i is invaluable!

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on August 17, 2016

Q: Can I have your opinion on this ETF. It has the best 1/3/5yr returns when compared to others in the Canadian Dividend and Income universe. For example it has outperformed CDZ by almost 3% annualized over the past 5 years. What has contributed to this over achievement and is there any reason why it won't continue to do so over the next 5 years?

Read Answer Asked by Albert on August 16, 2016