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Q: Hi 5i,

Just looking for your opinion on the dentures of SOT.un. This would be part of my higher risk bond portfolio. Itís a 5.25% debenture (SOT.DB) due 28/02/23 currently trading around par.

The balance sheet seems strong enough to handle the repayment in 2023. I donít think the conversion price of $10.53 will enter into the conversation.

Any concerns and your opinion would be most helpful.

Read Answer Asked by John on April 26, 2021

Q: Hi 5i:
Based on the idea that offices will not be needed as much in the post pademics future , is it worth to keep this stock (SOT) for a 5 years period?, or it would be better to switch to HR for example.
wishing a good year to your team and all members. Alex

Read Answer Asked by Alejandro on January 04, 2021
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