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Q: Please suggest some growth etfs and stocks for starting RESP for long term hold. Thanks for great service.

Read Answer Asked by KULDIP on May 03, 2022

Q: You’ve mentioned that you generally like to keep single ETF exposure to 15%. Since VGG and VGH invest in the same underlying ETF (VIG), should I keep exposure to 15% between them, or could they each still be 15%?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Alan on July 07, 2021

Q: This question is about diversification and percentage of stocks vs ETFs. In my overall portfolio (combined tfsa, rrsp, and non-registered), I have roughly 37% VFV/ZSP, and the rest fairly equally weighted across ENB, KXS, SHOP, VGH, AQN, BEP.UN/C, BIP.UN/C, BNS, CPX, GDI, NVDA, RY, TEAM, VGG, TRP, BAM.A. I'm in my mid 30s and have a long time frame, but would prefer to position for short term performance as much as possible. So, with some cash to allocate, can you please recommend a couple US and CAN stocks to add to this mix (or recommend just adding to what I hold)? Also, given your recent market update on covid vs sector performance, what would you do with the VFV/ZSP allocation? I am open to moving that allocation to stocks instead of an ETF, and am wondering if I should take that path, and how best to position there given the big tech names/top holdings in the ETFs, vs some holdings across sectors that are currently down. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on September 03, 2020
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