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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Could you give some suggestions for ETF's that track the Nasdaq and DOW? What account would you hold them in and are there any that trade in Canadian dollars?


Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on January 10, 2023

Q: Could you please provide me a list of your top 5 ETF funds for US equities.

Read Answer Asked by Claus on December 05, 2022

Q: Good morning, what ETF's would you advise for a new portfolio today. Mid age investor, including sector allocations please. TFSA and Non reg'd accounts

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Laurence on October 31, 2022

Q: I am currently down over $35K in SPY and would like to crystalize capital losses as I feel we are nearing the bottom. I understand that selling SPY and buying VOO would be deemed as an artificial loss by CRA, so I am wondering whether you can recommend another, less obvious replacement with high degree of correlation to SPY? Ideally, a USD-traded one. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on May 24, 2022

Q: Given the possibility of a recession and the certainty of volatility for the next couple years, can you give me 4 CDN and 4 US stocks/etf's, you think might provide some safety and reliable, albeit moderated returns? The equities I've listed are my ideas.

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 20, 2022

Q: Hello,
I am currently waiting out this deep downturn in the market. At some point the market will start recovering. I have followed your recommendations in the Portfolio Tracking and Analysis tool.

If you had $500,000 sitting in cash which you want to deploy once the market turns around, which sectors would you look towards investing in for the eventual upward trend? Would you be able to provide your favourite stocks /ETFS which you would use to cover the sectors you think will be first to recover?

Thanks for all your help.

Read Answer Asked by Mauro on April 01, 2020

Q: Hello, Please provide ETF's that replicates TSX, S&P, DOW & NASDAQ
are there Hedged and non-hedged versions for US stock Indices.

Read Answer Asked by Harpinder on March 10, 2020

Q: Hi Gang, I am interested in buying one of this etf. Iwo, iwf,iwd, or Dia which one would you buy today. Our any other suggestion. Reasons? 3-5 years. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Alnoor on January 09, 2020

Q: Can you please advise which ETF you prefer and why: VTI or DIA?

And secondly, why is MSI rated as a hold? I'm up 40% over the last year...and it comes with a respectable dividend of 2.54%. What am I missing here?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on July 31, 2019