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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I would like to get exposure to the semiconductor industry but am reluctant to buy NVDA because of its recent runup. I am considering SMH or SOXX. Do you have a better idea or would it be wise to stay on the sidelines for a while? This may not be relevant but I do hold Fortinet. Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Thank You.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on June 02, 2023
Q: Good afternoon,

Q1. I would appreciate your thoughts on initiating a position in the Semiconductor sector at this time.

Q2. What are your thoughts on XSD ETF and do you have a better recommendation in this sector.

Many thanks and I'll await for your response and sage advice.
Read Answer Asked by Francesco on April 04, 2023
Q: I'm primarily a growth investor with a tolerance for risk. I do not have any semi-conductor companies in my portfolio. I was considering AMD or NVDA but I'm not wondering if AEHR might be good play to consider since it does chip testing. It does seem to be growing revenue quickly and surprising the market with it's earnings. What comments/advice do you have wrt to how I should think about the chip players including the high tech testing play that AEHR offers? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Marc on January 25, 2023
Q: I am interested in your ideas for ETF that cover semiconductor stocks. For RRSP. Would prefer non-US-situs ETFs, if good ones exist (estate planning reasons); however, you can suggest US-situs ETFs as well. Can be either US or CA dollar-denominated.
Read Answer Asked by Ted on January 19, 2023
Q: Hello 5i!
At this point in the cycle can you please rate the following as buy, sell or hold. I know you sometimes say in a different kind of market high growth can do well. Can you please comment on whether one should decrease technology holdings in general or just wait for tech to shine again one day. Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Neil on November 03, 2022
Q: I have recently redeemed some mutual funds that I have held for 20 to 30 years that will produce a significant capital gain for me in 2022. I have several stocks and an ETF that have been purchased in the past few years that are showing losses in the range of $5k to $15k. This includes TOI, U, SOXX, SQ, NVDA, MFI, MSFT, WSP and AMZN. Would you suggest selling these stocks to provide a capital loss that can be applied against my capital gain in 2022? It is my understanding that I will need to wait 30 days to repurchase shares to avoid the denial of the capital loss. If you would suggest selling these stocks and ETF, should I sell now or wait until the end of 2022? And if the stocks and ETF are sold to create a capital loss before the end of 2022, do you see some future in these investments and if so, which stocks would you suggest that I repurchase after 30 days? Thank you for your insights.
Read Answer Asked by Don on September 07, 2022
Q: Hi Peter & Team:
Can you give me some idea which of the above companies for TFSA , rank from your best and down. Thank you as always.
Read Answer Asked by DAVID on May 13, 2022
Q: I am looking to start a position in the semiconductor sector given the recent pull back. What stocks would you favour today and why or would you suggest an ETF? Please rank them from best to least.

Read Answer Asked by Douglas on March 14, 2022
Q: Hi, I have owned Intel for many years but lately it has been a disappointment, I sold half my position last year and purchased AMD which has done well. What's your advice, should I sell INTC and purchase SOXX or NVDA or continue to hold it, looking for the best growth prospects.

Read Answer Asked by Kim on December 14, 2021
Q: Recommendations from portfolio analytics indicated i should increase my holdings in healthcare and industrials. Please provide your comments on XHC, XGI and WSP. Are there other options that i should consider?
I am considering investing in sector specific ETFs. What are comments on SOXQ and IWO.US? Are there specific sectors that are expected to show high growth in the next few years?
Read Answer Asked by Don on December 07, 2021
Q: Hello 5i,
I made a mistake of not investing in AMD with a proper weight this stock deserved (with all the new chips). So now what to do? How do you view AMD's future?
SOXX 1.75%, Q 2%, UCTT 2%, AMD 1%, ICHAR 0.5%
My end goal is to fold individual stocks into SOXX eventually but perhaps AMD deserves an increase in its weight to 3% given the momentum?
Read Answer Asked by JR on August 05, 2021
Q: Good afternoon,

Could you please pass along on how best to take advantage of rising copper prices both using an equity( s) and etf.
Same question as it applies to the semi conductor space.
Please feel free to deduct 2 credits as I have posed 2 questions.

Thank you,

thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Brad on July 12, 2021
Q: Hello,

Enjoying the upgrades! Having success with semi-conductor ETF's as a cyclical play in the past.
Would you still be buyers for the next 2 years?
And could I get your thoughts on Invescos new fund in comparison to the heavyweights.


Thank you very much.
Read Answer Asked by Adam on June 29, 2021
Q: Am I missing any major sectors with these stock investments?
Where should I focus if I would like to ensure a diverse portfolio?
Are there any stocks that I should dump?
Read Answer Asked by grace on April 27, 2021
Q: Can you please give me your thoughts on what stocks or ETF's you like in the semiconductor space? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 09, 2021