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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Maple Leaf Foods has been range bound for 7 years, maybe even top left to bottom right in trend. They've announced a significant share buy back authorization. Not sure whether they will execute on this. You have been fairly neutral on MFI . Any thoughts on whether this or any other recent news will change your thinking on this stock
Read Answer Asked by David on May 24, 2023
Q: Hello 5 iteam,

Rogers Sugar was a good pick for us, may be the timing was right. Now, It is time for us to trade it for another company that have a bit more growth. Your thought on swapping this name for Maple Leaf Foods /Tyson Foods or Calmaine/ Saputo.
Read Answer Asked by Nhung on February 13, 2023
Q: Can you supply a few suggestions of dividend stocks that may be good to purchase during tax loss selling? Canadian and US if possible.
A few growth stocks would be a good balance to this question as well! Thanks, James
Read Answer Asked by JAMES on November 28, 2022
Q: I have recently redeemed some mutual funds that I have held for 20 to 30 years that will produce a significant capital gain for me in 2022. I have several stocks and an ETF that have been purchased in the past few years that are showing losses in the range of $5k to $15k. This includes TOI, U, SOXX, SQ, NVDA, MFI, MSFT, WSP and AMZN. Would you suggest selling these stocks to provide a capital loss that can be applied against my capital gain in 2022? It is my understanding that I will need to wait 30 days to repurchase shares to avoid the denial of the capital loss. If you would suggest selling these stocks and ETF, should I sell now or wait until the end of 2022? And if the stocks and ETF are sold to create a capital loss before the end of 2022, do you see some future in these investments and if so, which stocks would you suggest that I repurchase after 30 days? Thank you for your insights.
Read Answer Asked by Don on September 07, 2022
Q: Of the above mentioned stocks, would you please list in order of first to last which would you recommend today. Also a brief explanation as to why you chose the first and the last. Thanks … Cal
Read Answer Asked by cal on January 31, 2022
Q: I currently hold Maple Leaf Foods (MFI.CA) in my TFSA. It appears to be currently trading around its fair value (at least according to Morningstar). And MFI.CA just announced that it is reviewing its recent investments in plant based protein products (like veggie burgers). So it future growth prospects may be suspect.

I suspect it may be a good time to exit. Can you recommend another consumers staples stock for my TFSA as a long term hold?

Or maybe I should not have ANY exposure in the consumer staples sector in my TFSA given the slow growth and typically lower returns in the long run in this sector. Your thoughts please!
Read Answer Asked by Robert on January 06, 2022
Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

In reviewing our combined family TFSA portfolio, I’ve determined that we hold too much XST with its 0.61% MER. How would you rank the following stocks, which are all the constituents of XST? ATD.B, L, MRU, WN, SAP, EMP.A, PBH, PRMW, MFI, NWC, JWEL, VFF, and SOY.

Should I pay attention to the TMX ratings where WN, MFI, and VFF are considered strong buys? Only NWC was ranked as hold and all the others were moderate buys.

In your opinion, in what order could two or three of these constituents be purchased and are they buyable today?

Thanks as always for your valued advice!
Read Answer Asked by Jerry on November 19, 2021
Q: Hi,

I have held both MFI and TOY for several years now. Much to my surprise both popped today from earnings. I am thinking about selling both of these to switch into NVEI (after their earnings next week).

I get that none of these companies are comparable on any metric-but I am interested in your viewpoint of selling stocks that have upward momentum to buy into a stock that currently has downward momentum.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on November 05, 2021
Q: PBH and NWC are my current consumer defensive holdings (~5% each, after recent reallocation) in my Canadian unregistered dividend-focused account. PBH in particular has had nice growth.
TD Waterhouse's research are "predicting" MFI's high $45, median $36 target, from a current level of ~$28.
What are your thoughts on the achievability of this, on MFI's metrics, management and prospects otherwise, and whether a switch from PBH to MFI is indicated or not.
Thanks for your continuing great service.
Read Answer Asked by Lotar on October 25, 2021
Q: Good morning. Watching Saputo ease after recent annual reporting. Encouraging that there didn't appear to be much news slippage prior to the release.

Interested to know what the current forward p/e estimates are for some of the consumer defensive names including SAP, L, WN, PBH, HLF and MFI.

Also could you please rank in terms of estimated dividend growth going forward - best to least.

Thanks so much!
Read Answer Asked by Richard on June 09, 2021