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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello 5 iteam,

Rogers Sugar was a good pick for us, may be the timing was right. Now, It is time for us to trade it for another company that have a bit more growth. Your thought on swapping this name for Maple Leaf Foods /Tyson Foods or Calmaine/ Saputo.
Read Answer Asked by Nhung on February 13, 2023
Q: Hello Folks:
With increasing inflation of grocery bills, do you have suggestions on how to play this situation. I am thinking an ETF representing a bundle of basic food items or individual companies providing inputs such as Agrium?
Thank you brian
Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 14, 2021
Q: I've heard it said, invest in what you know and what I know for sure is we need food and water to survive. So I'm looking to purchase two stocks in my portfolio in the agricultural sector. I am looking for dividend and some growth. If that stock offers diversity and/or a technical play even better. But first and foremost, what these investments have to offer is something the world can't do without.
What would be your picks out of the above list and why?
Read Answer Asked by Lucy on September 21, 2021
Q: Sir, I find myself down 25-60 % in ALL of the above companies. In keeping with your BUY MORE, HOLD, SELL SOME or all, I would appreciate your thoughts on the above companies. I have some capital gains to off set so all is not lost- yet. Thanks- JP
Read Answer Asked by James on June 22, 2020
Q: My timing in purchasing was terrible, and now I am just watching my investment lose value every day. Should one expect a timely turnaround here ? I fear Tysonís mega chicken plant in Sioux City will have the same issues as the Waterloo pork facility ... I feel like I am waiting for more bad news to murder my investment ,.. please advise .
Read Answer Asked by Thomas on April 23, 2020
Q: What would be your favourite 5 Canadian and 5 us stocks for stagflation and best etf as well.Your favourite food commodity etf as well .thanks
Read Answer Asked by andre on April 14, 2020
Q: Jim Cramer added Tyson to his trust portfolio around $90USD arguing that the pork market in China was going to be undersupplied due to swine virus' etc. It has now pulled back to $84-85 and I am wondering what your take on it would be as a low volatility option with upside?

Perhaps compare and contrast with MFI in Canada and indicate a preference if buying only 1 and your reasons why?

Read Answer Asked by Tim on February 03, 2020
Q: Hi 5I,
Love the work you do, thanks in advance.
I am a beliver that the non meat industry could be a sleeping giant, can you advise which compititor to Beyond Meat, BYND would be the best next stock in this catagory to consider for purchacing?
Tyson food; Kellogg; Kroger; Nestle; & or Conagra?
Thanks kindly,
Read Answer Asked by Paulette on October 29, 2019
Q: Meatless Monday is a thing. People are being encouraged to reduce meat consumption for the environment. There are meat alternatives popping up at burger joints, affordable for the masses. This seems like a new idea thatís going to stick around. You mentioned that Beyond Meat is priced high right now. Are there other public companies getting into this alternative protein industry that could be considered for a really long term hold?
Read Answer Asked by Kim on May 16, 2019
Q: Hi 5i,

I looked at BYND IPO, but the company doesn't seem that solid (reliance of single crop, manufacturing facilities uncertainties, potential scale of competitors, etc.).

However, I do feel that plant based proteins will become a bigger proportion of our daily diets. What is the best way to invest in this growing sector?

Read Answer Asked by Wayne on April 29, 2019
Q: Lads the above are my US dollar income tilt portfolio holdings. My goal is to add some US cash to stable dividend payers (some of these and perhaps some others you can suggest). Two questions I have - first, could you possibly rank these 9 from most stable to least so I can consider which ones are the most stable to add to my current holding and second, can you recommend some other US equities providing a minimum 3% dividend that you view as stable holdings. Thanks as always for your guidance.
Read Answer Asked by Ken on October 03, 2018
Q: I own Premium would like to possible do one of two things add more to it or consider maple. How would you rate these two companies and where would you put your money. also open to another similar company should if you recommend one, u.s. or cdn. Thank you. Maureen
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on September 21, 2018