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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I would like to make a small investment in India; now the most populated country on earth. I like ZID that has returned about 81% over the past 5 years, but the market cap is only $122M - is this ETF too small? I like FIH.U with a trailing P/E of 6.23 and market cap of $1.94B, but it has only increased 13% over the past 5 years - can FIH.U only be bought in USD? Would appreciate your thoughts on ZID and FIH.U, or perhaps you have another suggestion regarding investment in India.
Read Answer Asked by Grant on February 16, 2024
Q: Emerging markets are getting some attention lately for reasonable valuations.
India is being mentioned as a strong growth country. Many experts suggest US large corps as a better way to invest rather than the corps of the emerging markets .
What are your thoughts and ideas for investment to take advantage of emerging markets as far as actual emerging market etf or etf of large cap US based major exporters/worldwide etf. ?
Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 17, 2023
Q: The Book Value sits at above $19.00 per share. The stock trades just above $12.00. Today FFH announced that it bought some shares from individuals @ 15.29 and issued a warnings about possible future share purchases. Management obviously has to find a way to unlock shareholder value. What is your take on the announcement today.
Read Answer Asked by Doug on February 16, 2022
Q: I have held FIH.U for several years now and although it has snapped back nicely from itís covid low, it is still well below where it was trading 3 years ago and has for the most part been a disappointment. Iím OK hanging on to it but am also considering tendering to the Dutch auction as a good way to exit. If one were to tender their shares, at what price point between the $12.50 - $15 range do you feel would be the sweet spot where you get the highest price yet still have a high likelihood the shares will end up being purchased by the company?
Read Answer Asked by Steven on August 04, 2021
Q: Hi,

I've held FIH.U shares for a short while and have done fairly well. I'm a little confused about the tender offer and dutch auction style. For example, it seems like the stock is trading mid-range of the potential purchase price right now.

I have no real reason to sell, unless this is a trading opportunity where the stock could dip below the tender range after the buybacks are complete.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the tender in general, knowing you can't give specific advise on if I should hold or put my shares in the pool

The shares are in a non-registered account, so would be subject to the dividend tax event if tendered.
Read Answer Asked by Yasin on June 25, 2021
Q: Considering adding a small position in my RRSP of FIH. I thought with all the bad news coming out of India this might be on sale, but price action appears to be hanging in on the high side. This would appear to bode well for when India gets Covid under control, thus making it attractive going forward. Your opinion and analysis please.

Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Arthur on May 19, 2021
Q: Can you please comment on these 3 companies and their prospects going forward. On on their recent earnings/conference calls that happened this week. Pros and cons. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by James on February 16, 2021
Q: Enjoyed your article on year end tax selling,i picked the 9 stocks with the greatest estimated revenue growth for 2021 of these 9 could you pick your top 5 which have the best chance of a turnaround for 2021, could you rank them for growth and risk, thank you use extra credits if needed
Read Answer Asked by Greg on December 16, 2020
Q: Thank you for your advice during the current Covid 19 world . I followed it and as a result have weathered it fairly well.... This brings me to what I thought was a good investment pre Covid 19 and what I think is good now..... FIH.U has taken close to a 50% drop and I can definitely see why.... India's headwinds in battling the virus are large and with their population and crowded demographics. It is going to be a tough battle ..... This brings me to the parts of FIH.U ..... For each of the companies invested in how does 5I view their short and mid term prospects ? Using the four largest positions would be adequate for analysis .....For example I know Bangalore airport will survive but it might be a while before there is sufficient air travel to be in the black . And the IIFL investment and it's value going forward confuse me... There was quite a bit of controversy on the company for a while ... ......Also what is their cash position to accumulate businesses in this environment ? And at the end of the last quarter book value was in excess of $14.00 ... Would that still be an appropriate assessment of book value in this Covid 19 environment ? And in relation to it's current gap between price to book does 5I view it as good value ? .... Thank you for the steady advice you have been giving us during this pandemic ......
Read Answer Asked by Garth on October 13, 2020
Q: Sir: I find myself still Down over 40% on SU, FIH.U, MTB, UMPQ and UAL and down over 20% on the others in spite of the recent strong market. So 1. Add to.? 2 sell.? Or 3 Hold.? Thanks for your great insight and valuable advice..........Jim
Read Answer Asked by James on September 10, 2020
Q: Sir, I find myself down 25-60 % in ALL of the above companies. In keeping with your BUY MORE, HOLD, SELL SOME or all, I would appreciate your thoughts on the above companies. I have some capital gains to off set so all is not lost- yet. Thanks- JP
Read Answer Asked by James on June 22, 2020
Q: Hello Peter and Team,

If the long term thesis is that after this latest crises, companies will diversify outside of China for manufacturing, countries like India should do well. What other countries would do well for long term in your opinion due to this and how would you invest in this thesis? How would you invest in India?


Read Answer Asked by Wes on March 11, 2020
Q: Two questions about the Canadian listing of Fairfax India Holdings (FIH.U:CA)
1. I was looking to buy it my Canadian Margin account - but it quotes the price in USD. Would I be buying this in USD? I don't understand.
2. What are your thoughts about this stock for the long term? I'm looking to buy it for my 5 year old daughter's future.
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Toge on February 19, 2020