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Q: Hi 5i,
I would appreciate your thoughts on these two CDN listed ETF's that employ two different methods for creating a US Low Volatility ETF.
ZLU uses individual stock Beta and XMU optimizes for minimum portfolio Variance.
ZLU reconstitutes/rebalances once per year and XMU does it twice per year.
ZLU trading volumes appear higher than XMU but, XMU underlying US ETF is very high and high market value.
ZLU holdings are 103 and ZMU is 215.
MER's are about the same for both at approx. 0.33
I intend to use these in my RRSP and TFSA and trade them based on monthly trends.
ZLU holds the stock directly so there may be some saving in an RRSP. XMU holds the underlying US ETF for exposure.
Which one would you buy for a RRSP/TFSA?
Can you suggest alternatives that might be better for US Low Volatility sold on a CDN exchange?


Read Answer Asked by Ian on March 27, 2019

Q: Hello 5i,
I am not very bullish on the Canadian economy considering the provincial and federal politics and lack of leadership in regards to the Energy and now Agricultural Industry.
So I am thinking of splitting my portfolio up into 3 categories, Growth Stocks, Dividend Paying Stocks and ETF's for global and sector diversification. ZLU & ZWH for US low volatility and Dividend, CDZ for Canadian Dividend and VGRO & XWD for global diversification and growth. Your thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Steve on March 27, 2019

Q: I am very fortunate to be a member of 5I,Thanks
I wish you were actively advising on US stocks meanwhile however
for me to start please suggest some US stocks or etf for not very aggressive
stocks with high volatility but something like BNS,SLF,td in Canada Income is not my priority but steady growth is in my mind not stocks like canabis?
I appreciate your sugestion and has always benefited from them

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on March 19, 2019
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