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Q: Emerging markets are getting some attention lately for reasonable valuations.
India is being mentioned as a strong growth country. Many experts suggest US large corps as a better way to invest rather than the corps of the emerging markets .
What are your thoughts and ideas for investment to take advantage of emerging markets as far as actual emerging market etf or etf of large cap US based major exporters/worldwide etf. ?

Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 17, 2023

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team.

Would you endorse a switch from ZLU to VFV? When I look at the sector breakdown of ZLU, I notice that ZLU is heavy in sectors that probably should currently be under-represented, and very light in sectors that should have higher concentration. And of course, the MER of 0.08% for VFV is better than ZLUs of 0.30%.

ZLU is held in our Margin account, and VFV is already held in our RRIFs.

Thanks as always for the timely advice.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on July 10, 2023

Q: I am looking at investing 2023 contributions (2 x $6500) in stocks and/or ETFs. Please provide 5 stocks and 5 ETFs for long term hold. Rank the stocks and ETFs and comment on why they are being recommended,

Current stock holdings include: BYND, BAM, BN, REGN, TSLA


Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Don on June 12, 2023
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