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Q: As a diversifier an investment in farmland seems interesting. Looked at Acretrader but wondering if there are 3 or 4 ETFs Cdn or US that you would recommend to invest in this theme. Are there any individual stocks in this area that you like. Do you agree this could be a worthwhile piece of the investment puzzle for a longterm position. Thanks for your anticipated input.

Read Answer Asked by Ken on September 12, 2022

Q: I have never owned a REIT but started looking at a couple. In doing so I realized that I really donít know what to evaluate in a REIT (beyond type of asset - land, commercial, residential, specialty) and things I normally see as red flags may not be here. Can you tell me a few of the most important fundamentals to look at when comparing REITS (negatives to watch out for specifically, and positive indicators). For example my initial concerns were steady increases on common shares outstanding (seems acceptable and typical of all REITS) and what debt levels are acceptable. If you could tag your favourite REITS today I would appreciate. I have only looked at LAND and IIPR so far.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 30, 2022
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