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Q: I bought Fpi as a diversifier for my portfolio. and a belief in the potential for farmland values to increase. It has steadily dropped in price….down 20%. Now I am questioning my thesis.

Do you see this turning around and worth holding , or better to bite the bullet sell and look at something like LAND or NTR or ADM/ Mosaic .. I do own NTR and am down a bit but still like it.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on March 31, 2023
Q: As a diversifier an investment in farmland seems interesting. Looked at Acretrader but wondering if there are 3 or 4 ETFs Cdn or US that you would recommend to invest in this theme. Are there any individual stocks in this area that you like. Do you agree this could be a worthwhile piece of the investment puzzle for a longterm position. Thanks for your anticipated input.
Read Answer Asked by Ken on September 12, 2022
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