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Investment Q&A

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Q: possible to get a list small to midcap of what you might consider "cash cows"
Read Answer Asked by howard on January 29, 2024
Q: Dear Peter,

This question is based on your excellent article in Canadian Money Saver Nov/Dec 2015! How time flies, eh?! Titled: Setting up a US income portfolio with call options.

Several years ago I had asked if you have written any follow articles on this strategy? If you have, please post the links for all of your subscribers. That would be helpful.

But my question is this:
Based on the criteria that you highlighted in that article if you had to choose Five stocks what would those stocks be today?

I am semi retired senior citizen who can allocate 10-15% of my portfolio to this strategy.

Many thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Savalai on April 28, 2023
Q: I am looking for cash-rich stocks with unusually low prices at the moment.

Could you recommend 5 Canadian and 5 US stocks

Read Answer Asked by V on April 13, 2023
Q: Hello 5 iteam,

Rogers Sugar was a good pick for us, may be the timing was right. Now, It is time for us to trade it for another company that have a bit more growth. Your thought on swapping this name for Maple Leaf Foods /Tyson Foods or Calmaine/ Saputo.
Read Answer Asked by Nhung on February 13, 2023
Q: I've been looking at my allocations and am very low in consumer defensive, consumer cyclical and materials. Could you give me some recommendations for companies in these areas that give a 3.5%div or more. For US and Canada. Ones that you would consider now a good time to buy. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Pat on January 18, 2023
Q: Inflation, especially food inflation ,can come thru higher prices in corn,sugar,wheat and soya...who are the leaders in such Commodities and which stocks would one buy to offset higher food prices?
Read Answer Asked by adam on November 21, 2022
Q: Portfolio Analytics is saying I need to increase consumer cyclical and defensive holding. Can you give me a couple of stocks in Canada and the United States with steady dividends and low risk. And a couple of ETF's too.

Thanks Greg
Read Answer Asked by Greg on October 22, 2022
Q: I am short on Consumer Stocks in my overall portfolio - can you give me some names to look at, both in the US and Canada - I'm interested in those that pay a dividend and are growing.
Appreciate you comments.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on April 21, 2020
Q: I am interested in investing USD in US companies in the consumer food sector(CPG) and specifically looking at Sysco and Lamb Weston. Both have decreased recently. Can you provide some insight and opinion on investing in these two and is now a good time or should I wait? As a separate question, would you recommend other US stocks or ETF in this space?
Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all at 5i ! John C.
Read Answer Asked by john on December 27, 2018
Q: Thanks for your quick response to my question regarding Cal-Maine foods. However I am not certain where you got your consensus estimates for earnings as my research shows a consensus/ mean estimate of earnings for the coming year as $1.80 a share based on 5 firms that cover the company. The estmates range from $1.05 a share to $2.83 a share. So that increases the PE quite considerably. I think that your earnings were for the past year not the coming year. While I am not trying to have you predict a share price for the company, which I agree you cannot do, cyclical companies will often trade at very low PE multiples at the peak and very high PE's at the
trough. I am not really sure how high a multiple is 'reasonable' based on previous experience. Your comments would be appreciated and if you concur with my numbers your thoughts on whether the current projected earnings support the current share price and if the next year's earnings projections are a short term event or more long term based on industry events and trends. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by John on June 08, 2016