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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello 5i, I'm looking to strengthen my portfolio and currently own these stocks and others in the consumer stapes category. Is there value in owning all these listed or should i consolidate into a couple. Also how would you rank these on strength of company and the dividend.
Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Mark on October 02, 2023
Q: Please recommend 5 CAN and 5 US companies who have good both P/E/G and P/FCF ratios. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Dev on March 13, 2023
Q: Looking to add to staples. 1. Currently have COST and would be willing to add - at what price? 2. Please advise which Food and Beverage staples you would recommend based GARP/ total return. 3. For personal services, again on GARP/ total return how would you advise. Names listed simply for illustrative purposes, please advise with rationale for selection.
Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by sam on March 16, 2022
Q: What are your thoughts about these companies, aiming for dividend growth and capital apreciation. Do you suggests any alternatives with similar strategy and sector?
Read Answer Asked by Clayton on October 29, 2020
Q: I have room for 5 or 6 more companies in my RRSP account. I am looking to add dividend paying stocks with some growth as I will not be needing this money for 10 years or so - thinking of AT&T, Pepsi, Sysco, Sylogist and OTEX - what do you think of these AND can you recommend any others that I can consider ? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by JOHN on June 03, 2020
Q: What are your thoughts on SYSCO CORP. In a previous question, 5i's main concerns were with debt level but there appeared to be good growth prospects. The the stock would be OK at a better valuation.

Currently, the price is much lower but I see that more than 60% of its revenues is from restaurants. With potential restaurant closures, is this a concern for the near term and future growth?

Is SYSCO worth buying? Is US Food Holdings a better option. Both have not rebounded as much as other consumer sector companies?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by J Stephen on April 22, 2020
Q: Looking to purchase full positions in large caps with steady growth, at least a 2% dividend, and low debt in both the consumer defensive and cyclical sectors. Canadian and US names both appreciated. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Maureen on October 09, 2019
Q: I am interested in investing USD in US companies in the consumer food sector(CPG) and specifically looking at Sysco and Lamb Weston. Both have decreased recently. Can you provide some insight and opinion on investing in these two and is now a good time or should I wait? As a separate question, would you recommend other US stocks or ETF in this space?
Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all at 5i ! John C.
Read Answer Asked by john on December 27, 2018
Q: Given the weakness in consumer staples in the US, if you were looking in this sector what are some names that'd be on your watch list?
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on June 11, 2018
Q: HI Peter, Would you recommend adding to RHS as its price is lower now. Or you would prefer 4-5 companies solid blue chip dividend paying companies to buy and hold ( avoid MER and capture more dividend). In that case also, can you please rank them in order of your preference. UL, PEP, HRL, K, or any other of your favorites.
Much Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by RUPINDER on May 10, 2018
Q: I need about $15,000 in cash. I hold larger amounts about equal in Coca Cola, General Electric, Microsoft and Sysco (which has dropped significantly in the last week) Which would you suggest I should cash in?
Thanks Jd
Read Answer Asked by John on October 26, 2016