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Review of Sylogist Ltd

FEB 15, 2022 - As a SaaS model, SYZ has shown strong profitability, a solid balance sheet, a track record of successful acquisitions, and a well-fortified portfolio of solutions. While there is always room for continuing improvement, so far, management is executing well against their strategic plan. Rating maintained at B+.

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5i Recent Questions

Q: Hi, Iím thinking of selling SYZ at a loss because I feel it may be in doghouse for quite awhile.
I would add to MG and NVEI which I have half position. Would you have any problems with my strategy, or would you just stay the course? Or maybe just add to one. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Brad on January 23, 2023

Q: I use my TFSA to buy and hold low-debt, cash flow positive, technology companies with good long-term growth prospects. My TFSA holdings (ENGH, OTEX, SYZ, TCS, AIF, REAL and AT, ranked by weight) total about 8% of my overall portfolio. My holdings in AT and REAL have fallen to about 1% of my overall portfolio, because of their poor performance, versus 2.5% average holding for each stock in the overall portfolio. I am considering the following options:

1. Keep both AT and REAL for a long term (10+ year) hold (i.e. do nothing)
2. Sell one and consolidate into the other for a long term hold (but which one to keep?)
3. Sell both and consolidate into my other TFSA holdings (which one(s)?)

I would welcome your thoughts with respect to each option, given there is no tax loss selling benefit in a TFSA. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by David on January 12, 2023
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