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Review of Sylogist Ltd

MAR 19, 2021 - Historically, the company has grown primarily through acquisitions. With acquisitions having slowed down over the last two years, share performance has lagged. However, we see other plus points for the investors. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Q: I've been on the fence with this stock and was trying to decide what to do with it....I go to the 5i website and boom you've upgraded to A-. I was coming to ask if it was time to move to another tech name. I am a balanced portfolio follower slowly moving to income follower so was considering selling my ENGH and buying SYZ. I bought at $65 so am down about 15%. I take it the upgrade means you have faith even if it isn't a name you hold in the portfolios.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on October 20, 2021

Q: I am looking for technology companies that pay a dividend for an income portfolio, Sylogist is on my list to purchase however it is fairly small. Do you view the SYZ dividend as safe and would you buy today? Can you recommend another tech that pays a reasonable dividend (smaller but growing is fine)? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Barbara on October 13, 2021
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